If you’re looking for ideas for a Groom gift on your wedding morning, why not give some of these ideas a try. We’ve included fun twists on tried and tested presents and hopefully something that might inspire you to do something a little different. There are presents for all budgets and even ideas for anyone who thinks the endless gifts you are supposed to buy for the wedding party are totally ludicrous.

The Hip Flask

Would your man love a hip flask filled with his favourite hard liquor on the morning of his wedding? If you're relaxing with your ladies sipping champers - why not make sure he’s got a little something to settle the nerves too? I love this personalised, leather-bound flask from Hord at Etsy. And if your groom is a whisky drinker, why not give him a bottle of this too.

The Cuff Links

Probably something your Groom has forgotten he needs - this pair can be personalised. FEIN FEIN at Etsy do lots of other shapes too, so you can make sure that even his cufflinks match your decor.


The Passport Cover

If you’re jetting off on honeymoon straight after the wedding, why not give your Groom one of these fabulous Harris tweed passport covers? The perfect accessory for a dapper gent and it’ll help him keep his travel documents organised. 


The Love Letter

As we know, the most important part of a wedding is the ACTUAL getting married part - so if you feel that buying your Groom a gift is just totally unnecessary, then why not write him a heartfelt message?


Pulling Out All Of The Stops

If you want to give your Groom a real day to remember (as if getting married to you wasn’t enough!) then why not buy him an experience? Our lovely Becky wishes that she had sent her husband on a flying lesson on the morning of their wedding - if your other half secretly wishes he was a pilot, this would be an AWESOME thing to do. You could also buy him a morning at a racing track. And if the thought of this happening on the morning of your wedding makes you very nervous - he can always do it a few weeks later. Maybe you could even do it together?



Let’s be honest here - the ‘wedding night’ isn’t really what it used to be. Most couples live together before they get married and often chose to party into the small hours on their wedding day with their friends and family, rather than retiring at midnight. Plus, depending on the style of your dress, it’s actually quite unlikely that you’ll be wearing sexy underwear beneath it for an entire day!! So why not give him a preview of what’s to come on the honeymoon? Find some gorgeous lingerie, wrap the pieces up in lace, and put them in a black box tied up with ribbon. Add a ‘for-your-eyes-only’ tag and there you have it - the perfect gift to get your Groom seriously excited for your honeymoon.


The Personalised Print

These prints from The Drifting Bear Co. can be personalised with whatever words you would like. Perhaps there's a particularly meaningful quote you both love, or even song lyrics to your first dance - these make lovely presents and you’ll be able to display it proudly in your home forevermore.



Consider buying him and the boys a breakfast hamper. Try a farm shop local to your venue, they often do the most amazing hampers filled with free-range farm eggs, sausages, bacon, and homemade bread. If this isn’t an option, why not put one together yourself? You might need to rope in the best man to keep it as a surprise...but I can imagine this would do down very well on the morning of the wedding. 


Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Cuff Links: FEIN FEIN | Passport Cover: Daisy Hardcastle | Leather Hip Flask: Hord | Personalised Print: The Drifting Bear Co. | Cards : Emma Moore Illustration & Design | Lingerie: La Perla
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