Finding the perfect suit for your wedding day is a massive deal. There are lots of different ways to go about it, hitting the high street, booking a personal shopping experience, hiring your suit from a tailor or even having a bespoke outfit made for you. Chances are before you get married, you'll have worn a suit at some point. So you might know whether you'd like a slim cut or something more traditional. You might also have an idea of what colours suit you and what colours will work with your wedding decor. Or your wedding suit brief may be that you just want to avoid anything that feels too 'workwear'.

Here we're focusing on the finer details - collar types and cuffs, as well as the style options for any of you who may feel a little intimidated by the amount of choice out there. There is no right or wrong when it comes to dressing for your big day - we've seen it all here at RMW. Trainers, flip flops, shorts, top hats and tails - anything goes, as long as you're comfortable and feel like you. You can check out some real groom style here. And just in case any of the ladies are reading this feeling a little jealous, we've published a similar feature on finding your perfect wedding dress.



Different Cuts of Wedding Suits

Black Tie Wedding Suit

Often opted for if you are looking to create a formal style to your day, the black-tie wedding suit traditionally includes a black bow tie, black tuxedo jacket, white dress shirt, cuff links, optional waistcoat or cummerbund, tapered black dress trousers and oxford shoes (usually black patent leather). 

White Tie Wedding Suit

Traditionally considered even more formal attire than black tie, a white tie wedding suit comprises of a white bow tie, a tailcoat, white low cut waistcoat, dress shirt with bib like front, cufflinks, dress trousers and a black patent or formal dress shoe. 

Lounge Suit

Becoming a common choice for modern grooms is a lounge suit style. This includes a two-button suit, usually with a notch lapel, a skinny or standard tie with a Windsor or half Windsor knot, optional cufflinks and waistcoat and lace-up oxford shoes. 

Morning Suit

A morning suit is another popular wedding suit choice including a morning coat (different to the tailcoat worn for a white tie wedding suit), a cravat or tie, a double-breasted waistcoat, dress trousers (traditionally striped or check), pocket square to match the cravat or tie colour, leather patent oxford shoes. 

You hopefully know by now that we here at Rock My Wedding are not ones to dictate what is acceptable or not acceptable at your wedding. We are here to tell you in fact to do as you damn well please, so if you desire to stick to, tweak or completely disregard any of the styles we've shown here then we are all for it. Your day, your way. 


Of course, the guides above may be helpful if you're looking for a traditional wedding suit style. But you may want some other ideas of wedding suits for you and your groomsmen.  We also chatted to groom Ben about his experience with suit shopping on our podcast so you can listen to that as well. And don't forget to go and have a look at our grooms Pinterest board too.

Naomi Liddell

Written by Naomi Liddell

Suit : Marc Wallace | Venue: Iscoyd Park
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