I'm guessing that as well as organising your own wedding quite a few of you will be having the task of organising friends hen and stag do's. You may even be choosing to organise your own. Having organised my friends Hen Do I know how utterly chaotic it can get when it comes to invites. Have you invited everyone you should? Did Kate say she was coming or was that Emily?! I seriously lost track despite my pro spreadsheet skills. I went old school with emails to the whole group but the resulting thread got a touch confusing. I only wish the fun Mini-Epic had been around then. These little video invites are so much fun and the movie trailer style would have been so fitting given that we had a bit of a '27 dresses' theme going on (Said friend had been bridesmaid a lot!_)

The Hen Party from Mini-Epic on Vimeo.

Be a Wingman! from Mini-Epic on Vimeo.

What is Mini-Epic
Looking for unique ideas for your Hen or Stag Party? Why not start with a personalised invitation that looks and sounds as good as a movie trailer or TV Advert!

Top Secret: Stag Do from Mini-Epic on Vimeo.

" target="_blank">Mini-Epic is a new online invitation platform offering a range of entertaining animated templates for Hen and Stag parties. Each template is between 30 and 60 seconds long and features stunning animation, booming voice overs and immersive audio. For the sensible price of £4.99, customers can personalise a template with a photo of their Bride or Groom-to-be, along with their event details, send it via email to up to 50 friends and track their RSVPs. You can even download your personalised animated invite to your desktop to share on social media.

The Perfect Cocktail: Hen Party from Mini-Epic on Vimeo.

Special Offer for RMW Readers
To celebrate their recent launch Mini-Epic would like to offer you lovely readers a 50% discount off our regular price of £4.99. The promo code for use at checkout is: RMW50

Top Secret: Stag Do from Mini-Epic on Vimeo.

Top Secret: Stag Do from Mini-Epic on Vimeo.

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