Floral installations have dominated weddings this year, and it feels like this is a trend that's going nowhere. As far as I'm concerned, the wilder the better when it comes to these things, just like the organic feeling displays in this afternoon's inspiration shoot. It looks as if the plants and flowers are growing directly through the walls and floor of the softly crumbling building, meaning the result is a timeworn yet timeless beauty. If you're looking to achieve something similar for your own big day, choose a florist who loves to work with installations and isn't afraid to transform a blank space into something completely different. We have lots of brilliant florists on our handpicked supplier directory, The List, if you're still searching for the right one.
“Nature grows wildly, limitless, owning every corner at this secret place, close to dreams. Magnolias climb up through stairs, heather invades the centenary gallery and trees and flowers grow free, surrounding a bride who blooms with them”
This shoot, created at a 19th century building, invites us to enter a space of dreams, where nature bounces into the tranquility of an ageing yet beautiful interior. Our bride coexists in harmony with the elements, belonging to this intimate, secret, imaginary place. Nostalgia and delicate notes wrap the bride up, dressed with the new collection from Sommera. Silks, cotton tulles, vintage inspired pieces and infinite capes are some of the garments which dress the bride with intensity and delicacy, thanks to Sommera's expert knowledge. The shoot headdresses come from Naturae Design. It's nature inspired artisan pieces are perfect for this dreamy image, mimicking the shoot atmosphere. La Hoja Perenne photos are in charge of portraying the shoot atmosphere and catching, with great sensitivity, every bride hue, with pictures that detach strength and purity. Minnesota Garden direction and decorative styling print the dream note that wraps the shoot up and joins every component in one single stage, where nature and bride speak the same language.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Bridalwear: Sommera | Coordination & Styling: Minnesota Garden | Headdresses: Naturae Design | Hair & Make Up: Russian Red | Model: Ana Argu

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