If thick paper, foiling, hand written notes and ribbon make you swoon, then this feature is for you. We're celebrating paper goods today and let me tell you, when it comes to weddings the world really is your oyster. The creativity of stationers knows no bounds and I'm constantly blown away by how gorgeous their designs are. Yet for some, there's a misconception that wedding stationery is overpriced and a waste of money. No no no, my friends - this couldn't be further from the truth. So, let's bust some of those stationery myths, explain the costs behind the design and print process and celebrate the joy of receiving a beautiful wedding invitation through the post...
Wedding Stationery: The Costs
When you're considering your wedding stationery, it's important to remember it's not as simple as popping into Paperchase and purchasing a printed card. For the most part, we're talking about creating something that's completely unique to your big day, and as Lyndsey from Anon Design says "so you know when it takes a while to get a quote for that hot foiled, gilt-edged, hand lettered, watercolored invite?! That’s usually because your stationer has had to speak to a lot of different suppliers to get their prices. Foiling, calligraphy and anything done by hand will cost you, if you know at the beginning what you can and can’t afford, don’t ask your stationer for allllll the pretty things - maybe include one amazing detail or save your money by being really savvy about your design." Jenna from Wonderland Invites advises that "researching the cost of different finishes, such as wax seals, envelopes, foiling and silks before getting in touch with a stationery designer can give you a good implication of how pricing might be scaled for the finish you are looking for." She also suggests "a folded invitation card, which has room for guest information too. Tri-fold or quart-fold invites also have enough room for tear-off RSVPs, and are a really cool way to display design, while saving a little money." Don't forget design is just the first part that you're paying for, "bespoke suites by professional stationers cost upwards of £300 for design, with print, hand-finishing (including materials) and delivery all on top of this cost."
Wedding Stationery: The Process
Until you've actually had a wedding stationery suite created, you probably don't know what is involved. Firstly, you need to actually find a stationer who really gets your style (our wedding directory, The List, has lots of brilliant ones, all of the images in the post are from our members). Once you've found someone you love, they will either create you a bespoke design from scratch or customise one of their house designs for you. This takes a little to-ing and fro-ing as you finalise the design, then confirm wording, paper stock and colours. And this is just for your save the dates and invites, not to mention extra things for on-the-day, such as your table plan, place names and table numbers. Jenna from Wonderland reminds us that "one stationery suite may take 2-5 days of design just for a first concept. This doesn’t include the hours of refinement and amendments before the suite is sent off for print." But remember it's all about allocating your budget how YOU want too. If stationery isn't important to you, then go digital with a wedding website, but please don't ask these fabulous stationers to create some thing totally bespoke and then expect to pay peanuts for it. Quality is worth paying for - Lyndsey says "remember when the papers did a feature on a wedding photographer that cost £150 and all the photos were terrible? Well the same goes for stationery! Whilst it might seem expensive, you are paying for years worth of knowledge and skill. Someone who loves stationery and wants to genuinely create something beautiful for you." So if paper stock, nib and ink, ribbon and wax seals make you swoon, then prioritise your budget on your paper goods.
Wedding Stationery: Save vs Splurge
Fancy having beautiful stationery but want to spend wisely? Here are Jenna and Lyndsey's top tips for ordering stationery that works for you... Jenna - "If you really want to wow your guests with beautiful stationery, but feel your budget is stretched, don’t bother sending save the date cards! Most guests will appreciate an email or even a group set up on social media, and it leaves you with additional budget for your invitations." Lyndsey - "Print costs money per sheet of stock you are printing onto so why not have fun with your invite and see what your stationery can create for you that will save some space." And Jenna reminds us of those "folded invitation cards, with room for guest information. Tri-fold or quart-fold invites also have enough room for tear-off RSVPs, and are a really cool way to display design while saving on paper and print costs." Jenna - "Most stationers offer house collections; a range of pre-designed stationery, the text of which can be altered to match your wedding details. Whilst not a custom design, this option allows you to have beautiful stationery at a smaller cost than a bespoke suite."
So there you have it, like with everything in life, beautiful design and craftmanship takes time. If you're searching for stationery please do check out The List, there are so many talented, helpful and passionate people on there who will be able to help you create the perfect suite for your wedding day. And a big thanks to Jenna and Lyndsey for their help with this article. VISIT THE RMW ARCHIVE
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Wedding Stationers: RMW's The List
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