It's one of the smallest jobs to complete before your wedding day, but a very important one nonetheless. Making sure your engagement ring is sparkling should be a priority! Not only will everyone be looking at it during the day, but there will also be lots of photographic evidence of it. Never fear! Today, we’re on hand to help advise on the best ways to clean your ring and keep it shining bright. Yes, we do have ‘Diamonds’ by Rihanna playing as we write this, just in case you were wondering.

How to clean your diamond engagement ring and jewellery 


Everyone knows that diamonds are one of the sparkliest stones, but not everyone knows how to keep them sparkling all day and all night. A diamond actually can rapidly lose its brilliance when it becomes opaque through contact with substances such as moisturisers, soap, sunscreen, and cleaning products. Eventually, the ring becomes dirty when skin particles and dust adhere and accumulate behind the diamond. This build-up will not wash off with water because diamonds have a very high affinity for grease. Diamonds and oil are essentially us and Jacob Elordi, the attraction is undeniable. Oils stick well to surfaces that do not contain oxygen, so a diamond surface, which is pure carbon, is ideal!


The most effective way to clean a diamond is to take it to a local jeweller and have it professionally cleaned and polished. Some jewellery stores offer this as a free service if you purchase your jewellery with them. You can also clean your jewellery at home. You can buy pots of liquid jewellery cleaner or make your own solution. Washing up liquid in warm water can be effective as long as the ring is well-rinsed and brushed gently. Soaking your ring or studs in alcohol, such as gin or vodka can work well, too. 

We’re seeing so many videos of people trying out mini ultrasonic baths for their vintage jewellery, glasses, house keys and more! The high-frequency portable machines are incredible for getting rid of hard-to-get-to dirt and dust! Your ring will look brand new!


Once you have cleaned the whole ring how do you keep it from becoming dull in a few days? Or what about a quick fix if you don’t have time to sit and soak your ring? For those 'diamond emergency' moments, try a simple jewellery polishing cloth. These are great to take on the go with you! 

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, after all! You’ve got to treat them with care! 

Now you know exactly how to clean your engagement ring! What other accessories are you considering for your big day? Check out our wedding jewellery and bridal accessories articles for some advice, inspiration and styling tips for your special day. Wishing for more sparkles? Consider your wish granted with this sparkly wedding inspiration roundup

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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