It’s the roundup of all roundups! Bridal accessories, we’re coming for you. You’ve found the dress, but what about the rest? It’s time to fall down the rabbit hole and into a wonderland of jewellery, bridal underwear, wedding capes and so much more! You’ve come to the right place if you're looking for inspiration. Perhaps you’re torn between a cathedral veil or a Juliet cap? Or maybe you’re thinking about a cover-up? Either way, we’re here to help you decide! So, grab a cup of tea and start scrolling, because this is a big one! 

Stylish bridal accessories inspiration from real weddings


The origin of the bridal garter dates back to the Middle Ages and most often symbolises love and luck. These days, it’s a fun way to incorporate your ‘Something Blue’ into your big day and can be a party starter if your groom chooses to remove it. And let’s face it, it’s a little bit sexy. Real bride Georgia perfectly incorporated her garter into her vintage wedding day look, and it looks fabulous! It’s also a great keepsake and something to potentially be passed down through generations. 


Picture it now…it’s the morning of your wedding day, and you’ve got a glass of Prosecco in one hand and a silk robe draped over your shoulders - life is good! A getting-ready robe is a fabulous addition to your morning. It can also create a cohesive look in pictures if you decide to include your bridal party, just like real bride Egle. Her girls look absolutely incredible in their silk pink dressing gowns complete with feathered detailing! 


Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or something a little simpler, then you’ll be sure to find it in our bridal hair accessories roundup. Of course, we’ll always be a sucker for a bridal crown, and quite frankly, when else do you have the opportunity to wear one? Incorporating your bridal hair accessories into your look is easy, just be sure to let your hair stylist know beforehand, they’ll be more than happy to help you out!


Whether you’re going sky-high in heels or keeping it comfortable in trainers, we’re with you all the way! Finding the perfect pair is all about what you’re personal style is. So, if you’re wanting to walk down the aisle in Dr Martens, then we suggest you do it! And remember, you can always ditch the heels once you make your way to the dance floor…


Statement necklaces, ear curation, stacking rings… the world is your oyster when it comes to your wedding jewellery! Again, another fantastic opportunity to incorporate your Something New, Something Borrowed & Something Blue! We would suggest choosing your wedding jewellery once you have decided on your dress, as the neckline and styling may dictate your jewellery choice. 


The weather isn’t always on our side in the U.K. and a bridal cover-up is a great addition if you’re expecting a little chill in the air. Similarly, it’s also a great fashion statement. Whether you opt for a faux fur shawl, a personalised bridal jacket or a sparkling number, we’re certain you’ll look absolutely stunning. 


It’s time to elevate your look. Maybe you’re a Rock N Roll bride who is in need of Dr Martens and a trilby. Or perhaps you’re feeling those Bridgerton vibes, ready to style out a wide-brimmed hat complete with a lace wedding dress. Whatever you decide, we’ve got bridal hat inspiration you don’t want to miss.


We don’t care if it’s raining, bridal sunglasses are a big yes from us! And if you’re in need of further persuasion, you only need to check out the coolest couple ever, India & Chris. And remember, they don’t need to stay on for the entire day, but they do make for some pretty awesome couples portraits…


You’ve most probably heard us say it before… they’re not just for superheroes! Bridal capes are an incredible accessory to elevate your look. There are plenty of stunning options available, and you only need to check out our real brides for inspiration. Just take a moment to appreciate Rebecca in her Halfpenny London tasselled number… it’s a serious win! 


Unsure about your wedding veil? Well, there are so many to choose from! If you’re unsure about styles, then don’t panic, we’re here to help! Our wedding veils guide will help you figure out what you’re looking for. And if you fancy following in Hayley Bieber’s footsteps, a personalised veil from Rebecca Anne Designs is an absolute must-have! 


Hey, if the dress doesn’t have pockets, where on earth are you putting your things!? But seriously, a bridal bag is such a cute addition that doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves! Whether you decide on a clutch or a pearl handbag like real bride Emmi, we’re here for it.


Your bridal perfume will remind you for years to come of your wedding day, and isn’t that such a fabulous nostalgic feeling? Finding a scent that will always send you back in time to the moment you walk down the aisle and see your beau for the first time… is someone cutting onions in here!?


Your bridal underwear is an important purchase! It’ll enhance the way your wedding dress looks and the right choice will make you feel your most confident self. For example, a backless dress is going to require a very specific type of bra, and you don’t want to be thinking about that on your big day. It’s also a great opportunity to take some gorgeous wedding prep photos…


They're the trend of 2023, and we're here for it. A bridal glove adds a little something extra to your look; just check out real bride Egle and her stunning sheer gloves. Or how about Catrin? Her 1960s-inspired look is a vintage dream and we can't get enough. In fact, you may have heard us discussing bridal gloves over on our Podcast, which is all about bridal fashion!


A bridal belt is a perfect addition if you're looking for something to break up your wedding dress. It always creates a flattering silhouette and is a fantastic way to incorporate a little sparkle into your wedding day look. You'll be surprised how much one accessory can change things! Just take a look at real bride Anna in her satin slip wedding dress and statement belt!

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Bridal accessories are an important part of your day, and we’ve got plenty of inspiration. Whether you’re thinking about your wedding day jewellery or want to know more about choosing your bridal lingerie, we’ve got you covered. Remember, it’s Your Day, Your Way, so whatever you decide, ensure you feel comfortable and confident! 

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