Create The Ultimate Wedding Gift List

A couple of weeks ago The Wedding Shop hosted an open house to showcase some of their gorgeous products - both new additions and long term favourites and trust us when we say, we want them all. For lots of you, creating your wedding list will be something you start to think about as summer comes to an end and you go back-to-school with wedding planning.

So, we caught up with Melissa to share a couple of simple tips for where to start when creating the ultimate wedding gift list.


How to Build Your Gift List

• Choose something for everyone ‘Including a variety of price points on your gift list gives guests the opportunity to buy you something you’ll love, regardless of their budget’ says Melissa. ‘Plus some guests really enjoying buying multiple little items to create a more personalised bundle of gifts instead of sticking to one big ticket product’.

• Look for opportunities to upgrade A gift list is the perfect opportunity to update and upgrade your home essentials. As Melissa suggests ‘It’s time to retire the leaking kettle, and swap out those Ikea plates you’ve had since university, and invest in quality items that were built to last’. Melissa also advises considering year-round gifts. ‘So you’re getting married in the summer, and all you think that you need for your home is a Dyson fan and maybe some new outdoor furniture. While these are great gifts for now, try to think about occasions throughout the year, such as more dinnerware for Christmas entertaining, a camera for your honeymoon or extra towels for when you have guests to stay. This is shopping without the spending, so make sure you really think about the things you really would love’ she says.

• Future proof your list When looking around your already cramped home it can be hard to see the need for a twelve piece dinner set or additional glassware. But, as Melisa points out ‘It’s good to remember that your gifts are bought by your loved ones to mark the start of your new married life together and will build the foundation for your future home. So pick gifts that are going to stand the test of time and you will cherish in years to come. You won’t regret it, even if your other half does grumble about storage space!’

• Leave enough time to build a list you love Melissa recommends that your gift list is live when you are ready to send out your wedding invitations. Try to avoid creating your list in a hurry and then not looking at it again until your guests start purchasing. It does take a bit of time to help construct your dream list (but don’t worry The Wedding Shop have expert personal gift list advisors to help you!) Also new brands are continually being added to our site, so it’s good to keep an eye on your list. Plus you need to ensure your lists is full so that last minute guests still have a choice of gifts.

• This is YOUR gift list – add what makes you happy Melissa reminds us that ‘the most important thing is to have fun choosing your gifts, and picking items that reflect you and your partner’s tastes and lifestyle’. ‘Don’t feel you need to choose just practical gifts or gifts you think your guests want to buy’ she warns. ‘Your quirky picks are what makes your gift list completely unique to you’.

Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Gift List Advice: The Wedding Shop
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