You may have caught our Instagram Live where Charlotte and I talked through all the things we love about winter weddings. We also have a post on the same subject if you wanted to check that out. We know a lot of weddings have been postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak and that a lot of you are now planning an unexpected winter wedding. You were so close to your wedding date (be it an April or a July date) that you will have had almost everything sorted. Now that your spring or summer wedding has been postponed to autumn or winter we thought it would be really helpful for us to give you some tips on how you can make your spring wedding work in winter. Because it can work. Promise.
Wedding Dresses With Sleeves
You may have bought a dress or outfit for your wedding that you feel was particularly geared towards warmer weather. I'm here to tell you that it can still work in colder months. Just because it's winter doesn't mean you have to have a dress with sleeves. That being said, should you now want a sleeve and your dress allows for them, you could speak with your seamstress/boutique to see if it's possibile. So many dresses come with detachable sleeves these days that there may be an option for you to do this and then whip them off for the evening perhaps, essentially allowing you to be warmer but also have your original dress in its true form as well.
Bridal Cover-ups
Whether its for the duration of your day or it's something you have on for just the ceremony. Perhaps you have a cool church that will require you to have an extra layer or maybe you'll throw it on for the evening for some cosy photos. Either way anything goes when it comes to cover ups. And you don't necessarily have to spend any more money. Items we love to see used as cover ups are brides favourites coats, whether that be a trench or a leather one. We love simple knitwear too. The cover of a cardigan can go a long way when the temperatures start to dip. Be mindful of this for you best girls too and how they might be able to keep warmer if their dresses are also more suited to spring weather. And ladies, if ever you're in doubt about how to 'winterfy' your day, just throw some sequins at it. A sequined jacket might be just what you need.
Winter Wedding Accessories
If adding sleeves to your outfit isn't an option you can look to your accessories to help warm up your look. We love a statement necklace. Here's an opportunity to really big up your décolletage. Adding a statement piece can really help your outfit fit more with a cooler season. Winter is a time of glitz and glam and although your day may have a more rustic or boho feel, adding that sense of glam and drama can really transcend the seasons.
Winter Wedding Shoes
You may have spent a small fortune on those Laboutin pumps you've coveted for years but all of a sudden, they don't seem to feel right or at least the ice that may be underfoot might have written them off instantly. You can still wear those bad boys for the rest of your life so don't worry about them. Instead why not pull for a boot? Maybe a metallic one? Whatever your taste you can find an appropriate boot. The key thing to remember when you're planning a winter wedding is this... How can I make what I would usually wear in January work in my January wedding. Don't fret about having freezing cold toes. Look at it from the other angle. Incorporate your usual winter style into your winter wedding.
Winter Wedding Make-up & Manicures
I think the obvious shout for transforming your spring look to a winter one is to go darker. A deeper lip colour, a smokier eye perhaps. And whilst that is true and those colours all look gorgeous in a frosty season they aren't the be all and end all of your options. Maybe you'd planned a dewy peach lip and a subtle glittery neutral shadow for your eyes. Tell me after reading that description that it can't work across all seasons? I think the key with make up is working with the colours that naturally compliment your skin tone. I absolutely love a bold lip. I think it looks so good. But it doesn't look very good on me. If all the berry tones and darker eye make up work for you then go for it. But if they don't and you don't feel comfortable or like you, then stick to your guns. Rock that more subtle look that fills you with confidence. And don't forget your nails. This could be a great opportunity to go bolder with your manicure.
Adapting A Groom's Style
I couldn't let this post pass without touching on how grooms can adapt their style. Let's face it, they could well have a very spring/summer outfit already sorted that they feel just doesn't suit the new season. So what can they do? A few things actually. And things that aren't too dissimilar to what I've suggested for brides. Think about their jacket. Could that be switched up in some way? Could they look at adding an alternative fabric instead of what you have planned already? Maybe something in velvet to add a sense of warmth. Or perhaps a really smart over coat. They can look at maybe replacing a tie with a really cool cravat, styled in a modern way. And like you, they could look to don a boot. Lets remember we can actually see their footwear so they might as well go for it if they can. We're also big fans of a hat. They're not just for guests you know.
Winter Wedding Flowers
A lot of spring/summer weddings come with colour palettes in whites, greens, corals, yellows. All those very naturally spring colours. You don't have to entirely change your colour scheme but there are ways to adapt it to your new season. Maybe you were looking at a white and green scheme, something quite botanical. You can still have this as the basis of your colour scheme but maybe look at adding darker tones in, very subtly. Largely colour schemes are bought together in your flowers. You can look at adding a few darker/deeper colours and tones to your flowers. Berries are a great addition to a winter bouquet too. You could consider snow berries or brunia to keep with the theme light but festive. Maybe you have a really light pink bouquet planned. Perhaps you could substitute a few of those lighter pink flowers for a darker pink, maybe even a burgundy. You could so far as to look at including chocolate cosmos or those beautiful anemones with dark centres. Just to warm it up a little. Chat with your florist. They will 100% be able to advise you of 1, what other flowers will be seasonal at the time of your new wedding and 2, how you can keep the same feel to your bouquet but adapt it to be more 'winter friendly'. A really shining example of spring feeling bouquet but with a soft winter vibe is Tamsin's. Isn't it gorgeous!
Winter Wedding Decor
Lights, lights and more lights. If there was ever a way of winterfying a wedding it would be by adding lights. Whether they're fairy, festoon, lanterns or candles they will transform your venue. You may have all of your centrepieces sorted already but could you add in some candles or perhaps some wired fairy lights to soften up your decor and make it more cosy feeling? It's all about adding that sense of warmth. Maybe you have favours sorted but could you add elements to them that make them fall more inline with winter - it could be as simple as adding some velvet ribbon. Perhaps your place names might benefit from being placed next to a piece of fir or a touch of mistletoe or consider the addition of sparklers to brighten the winter evening. Maybe you had planned to have summer cocktails with fabulous names or perhaps you were providing flip flops for late night dancing. These ideas can still carry through but with new twists. Maybe your cocktails turn into a hot chocolate station packed with marshmallows and fudge or an Irish coffee bar or you still have your cocktails... espresso martini anyone?. Maybe your flip flops turn into blankets or slippers. Because dancing in slippers is the most fun. It goes back to what I was saying about making things you would usually do/have in the winter months work for your wedding rather than making spring or summer things 'fit'.
You can find more images of amazing winter weddings over on our dedicated Pinterest board. It would be great to hear how you're going about adapting your postponed weddings. I'd love you to leave comments below to help the community out. And please remember that you don't have to change any of the details of you day. If you want a spring wedding in January then got for it babes. Your day your way. And you can hopefully see in examples above where some couples have done just that. Ultimately, however your wedding looks the most important thing to remember is how it feels. It may not be your ideal but it's still your dream because the dream is meeting someone, falling in love and pledging forever with them.
Becky Sappor

Written by Becky Sappor

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