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How to Create a DIY Hula Hoop Table Plan for £30

I am LOVING the craze for hoop décor that’s setting weddings alight at the moment. IMHO you can’t get a more beautiful, classic, and timeless shape than a hoop: they fit seamlessly into all types of venues and settings, and are a simple way of adding impact and interest. And if you’re canny about it, they’re affordable! All the bits I needed to create this hula hoop table plan came to a grand total of just over £30, so if you’re planning a wedding on a budget it’s a great way to save a couple of quid.

Hula Hoop Table Plan {What You Will Need}

How to Make a DIY Hula Hoop Table Plan for £30 | What You Will Need

Hula hoop (£5.00)
Spray paint (£6.41)
Ribbon (£3.40)
Artificial eucalyptus (£8.00)
Double-sided tape (£3.00)
Flower tape (£2.20)
Table plan cards (£3.00)

Hula Hoop Table Plan {Instructions}
  • 1. Spray paint your hula hoop to match your colour scheme. I envisaged my hoop being used in an industrial warehouse type venue, hence my choice of a copper colour, but for a more rustic vibe you could use jute fabric wrapped around the hula hoop instead of spraying it, and twine instead of ribbons.
  • 2. Twist a couple of sprigs of eucalyptus around the hula hoop. Attach using flower tape.
  • 3. Work out how much ribbon you need for the first strip by laying a length of ribbon from the top of the hula hoop to the bottom. Cut the ribbon where it reaches the bottom of the hula hoop.

  • DIY Hula Hoop Table Plan | Copper Table Plan with Eucalyptus, Greenery and Ivory Satin Ribbon

  • 4. Attach both ends of the ribbon to the hula hoop. I used tape, but for something a bit more robust you might want to use superglue.

  • DIY Hula Hoop Table Plan | Copper Table Plan with Eucalyptus, Greenery and Ivory Satin Ribbon

  • 5. Attach the table plan cards to the ribbon using double-sided tape. Because it’s just tape, it’s very forgiving and if you get the positioning wrong you can just peel it off and start again.
  • 6. Repeat steps 2 to 4 above with a ribbon to the left, and a ribbon to the right.
  • 7. Balance the hoop table plan on a chair, prop it on a table, or suspend from the wall, ceiling or some pretty shutters like the ones in these pics.

  • Copper Hula Hoop Table Plan with Eucalyptus and Greenery | Copper and Rose Gold Wedding Decor | Industrial Wedding Decor

    Will you be incorporating hoop décor into your big day?

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    • Hula Hoop, John Lewis
    • Faux Eucalyptus, John Lewis
    • Flower Tape, Amazon
    • Satin Ribbon, Hobbycraft
    • Spray Paint, Amazon
    • Table Plan Cards, Hobbycraft
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    DIY Copper Spray Painted Hula Hoop Table Plan for £30

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