This week's wedding reading is a poem and song by a British author and broadcaster, Lemn Sissay. Invisible Kisses by Lemn Sissay is a poem that has a simple rhythm and flow that makes it easier to read despite its length. You can always adapt the poem or break it up among several readers. This poem is about all the ways the speaker would be there for the reader. Wipe your tears when you’re crying, support your dreams and watch you achieve them, keep you warm when it’s cold, and open keyless doors for you. It speaks about the lengths someone would go to just because they care, even if the reader doesn’t actually realise or see the love in the actions. We have a downloadable PDF version of this reading below if you think it’s the one for you. 

Invisible Kisses 

by Lemn Sissay

If there was ever one
Whom when you were sleeping
Would wipe your tears
When in dreams you were weeping;
Who would offer you time
When others demand;
Whose love lay more infinite
Than grains of sand.

If there was ever one
To whom you could cry;
Who would gather each tear
And blow it dry;
Who would offer help
On the mountains of time;
Who would stop to let each sunset
Soothe the jaded mind.

If there was ever one
To whom when you run
Will push back the clouds
So you are bathed in sun;
Who would open arms
If you would fall;
Who would show you everything
If you lost it all.

If there was ever one
Who when you achieve
Was there before the dream
And even then believed;
Who would clear the air
When it’s full of loss;
Who would count love
Before the cost.

If there was ever one
Who when you are cold
Will summon warm air
For your hands to hold;
Who would make peace
In pouring pain,
Make laughter fall
In falling rain.

If there was ever one
Who can offer you this and more;
Who in keyless rooms
Can open doors;
Who in open doors
Can see open fields
And in open fields
See harvests yield.

Then see only my face
In reflection of these tides
Through the clear water
Beyond the river side.
All I can send is love
In all that this is
A poem and a necklace
Of invisible kisses.


want a copy?

If this wedding reading is the one for you, download Invisible Kisses by Lemn Sissay below!

download PDF

We just adore this poem. If your love language is acts of service, Invisible Kisses by Lemn Sissay is the perfect wedding reading for you. If your love language is physical touch, you might be eager for the first dance! Here are 290+ of the  best first dance songs. Perhaps, gift-giving is more your vibe. Take a look at the best bridesmaid gifts and best groomsmen gifts to thank your wedding party. 

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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