Having your closest pals by your side on the biggest day of your life is a big deal, and throughout the wedding planning process, they've had a lot to live up to. From planning the stag do of your dreams to not forgetting the rings for your ceremony and the best man not embarrassing you too much during the best man speech - you have a lot to thank them for, and what better way to show them how much they mean to you than with a thoughtful gift! 

Of course, groomsmen gifts aren't a necessary addition to your already stretched wedding budget. After all, that's what friends are for - right? But a nice gift (no matter how small or big) never hurts! 

When it comes to buying groomsmen gifts, there are no hard and fast rules on the types of things you should buy or how much you should spend - you know your mates best and whether they'd prefer something sentimental and personalised or something that's a bit of a laugh is totally down to your discretion. 

To give you some inspo and a little nudge in the right direction, we've picked out the best groomsmen gift ideas for all types of friendship groups. Whether you're heading for something a bit silly or something you know they can get regular use of -  we're here to give you the groomsmen gift inspiration you’ve been looking for. 

Our 10 favourite gift ideas for the best man and groomsmen 

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Not sure what to get your groomsmen and best man as an extra-special thank-you gift? You're in luck. Whether you're presenting the token as a "Will you be my groomsman?" proposal gift, something to keep them going through the stag weekend or a gift for after the wedding when all their hard work has paid off - we've picked out our 10 favourite groomsmen gift ideas to make your life that little bit easier!

personalised groomsmen gift ideas

For an extra-special touch 

If you want something a little more sentimental, then personalised or engraved groomsmen gifts are just what you need. From watches to hip flasks, bracelets, cufflinks, and so much more - you'll find a plethora of options available! The best thing about personalised gifts is that no two will be the same! Why not tailor each gift to the person, ensuring they’ll treasure it forever? 

grooming groomsmen gift ideas

To keep your groomsmen looking sharp 

If you're unsure what kind of groomsmen gifts to go for, you can go won't with a grooming set, aftershave or some skincare items! Whether you're buying your groomsmen gifts to present before or after the wedding, grooming essentials are always necessary! Ensure your mates are looking, feeling (and smelling) fresh for your big day with these picks from Salt Grooming and Jo Malone, or treat them to a little wind-down beauty gift once the festivities are over. 

boozy groomsmen gift ideas 

For sharing a toast on your special day

Whether your pal is into beer, gin, vodka, or tequila - there are so many options for a boozy groomsman gift! And an alcohol gift doesn’t necessarily need to be just a bottle you’ve picked off the shelf of your local Sainsbury’s - it can be a little more bouji! And remember, there’s always a non-alcoholic option for your friends who don’t drink. 

Funny Groomsmen Gift Ideas

For a bit of friendly banter 

If you have a jokey relationship with all your groomsmen, then there’s no point in forcing the sentimental stuff. Funny gifts are sometimes the ones that will genuinely be treasured and remembered forever. And hey, who would ever turn their nose up at a custom-made bobblehead of themselves? Not us! But in all seriousness, there are so many ways to make funny groomsmen gifts a teeny bit thoughtful and practical, too. We love the idea of a personalised wedding photo book for each of your groomsmen, full of happy and funny memories made in your friendship thus far (think best man slideshow speech vibes), or why not prep a hangover survival kit to keep your groomsmen going after the stag?

Groomsmen gift ideas they actually want

For practical additions to their life

If you’re most worried about your groomsmen's gifts being slung to one side, never to be seen again - why not go down the practical route? Wallets, toiletry bags, headphones and socks are all classic gifts that almost can't ever go wrong. A general rule of thumb is: if your friend will use it, it’s probably worth it! Remember, groomsmen gifts are between you and your friend. So, if you think your choice meaningful (even if you have picked up some socks) - it most likely is. We love these "Berlin Edition" themed socks from Happy Socks as they allow for the perfect opportunity to make a thoughtful link and give your gift real meaning! Imagine gifting a pair of these fun socks as a memento from your epic stag do in Berlin - it's a small but meaningful way to keep the memories alive.

Choose from these 10 best groomsmen gift ideas and show your pals how much they mean to you!


At the end of it all… don’t overthink your groomsmen gifts! Perhaps add a personal thank you note just to ensure they know how grateful you are to have them alongside you on your big day. Remember, it doesn’t need to be complicated. Give yourself enough time to decide, and we're sure you'll smash it! Whilst you’re at it, why not treat your wedding party or bridesmaids? We’ve got all the wedding gift box inspiration and bridesmaid proposal gift ideas you need! 

Shona Ezimogho-Moran

Written by Shona Ezimogho-Moran

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