Groomsmen gifts… now, where do we even begin? It can be a little difficult finding those all-important presents for the ones who mean the most to you in life. Hey, it’s kind of a big deal. We get it. But don’t panic - it really doesn’t need to be that hard! We’re here to gently guide you in the right direction. Think of us like your personal shopper… without having to pay for it! Sounds good, right? So, let’s give you that groomsmen gifts inspiration you’ve been looking for. 

Groomsmen gifts? We’re here for you.


If you’re looking to make something a little more personal, then engraving is a fantastic idea. From watches, to hip flasks, to bracelets, there’s a plethora of options available! You could also tailor each gift to the person, to ensure it’s something they’ll treasure forever. 

Gift Sets

If you’re torn between numerous things and are a little worried about getting it wrong, then go for a gift set! You can add in lots of little things, such as cufflinks, aftershave, (bottle opener)… it’s the perfect option for when you’re feeling a little indecisive, and don’t want to get it wrong. 


Hey. It does what it says on the tin. Whether your pal is into beer, gin, vodka, tequila, there’s a whole range of options available. And alcohol doesn’t necessarily need to be just a bottle you’ve picked off the shelf of your local Sainbury’s - it can be a little more bouji! And remember, there’s always a non-alcoholic option for your friends who don’t drink. 

The Funny Gifts 

If you have that relationship with your groomsmen, then there’s no point in forcing the sentimental stuff. Funny gifts are sometimes the ones that will genuinely be treasured forever. And hey, who is going to turn their nose up at a custom made bobblehead of themselves? Not us… (seriously though, I would keep that). 

The Stuff They’ll Actually Use

If you’re worried most groomsmen gifts may be slung to one side, never to be seen again, it’s time to go down the practical route. Wallets, toiletry bags, headphones… seriously, if you think your friend is going to use it, then it’s worth it! Remember, it’s between you and your friend. So, if you think it’s meaningful, then it most probably is.

At the end of it all… don’t overthink those groomsmen gifts! Perhaps add in a personal thank you note, just to ensure they know how grateful you are to have them alongside you on your big day. Remember, it doesn’t need to be complicated. Just give yourself enough time to make the decision - the longer you wait, the harder it will become! Whilst you’re at it, why not treat your wedding party? We’ve got all the wedding gift box inspiration you need

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

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