It's a well-known fact that RMW readers have the best taste in music. We always admire the originality of your first dance choices, the variety of live entertainment you choose, and the thought that goes into throwing an incredible party for your guests. From steel bands to brass bands, acoustic guitar players to harpists, you've pretty much shown us it all. So, if you're searching for first dance songs then you've definitely come to the right place. Whether you're asking your band to learn a song, or using a playlist, below you'll find the ultimate list of first dance songs for your wedding, as used by the amazing RMW readers. Accompanied of course, by the RMW first dance Spotify playlist.

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Romantic First Dance Songs For Weddings

Disclaimer - there may be rather a lot of Ed Sheeran in this list. But damn, that boy can write a love song. It also goes to show that it doesn't matter one bit how popular a song is, if it makes you happy, go for it! We lost count of the number of people that had an Ed Sheeran song for their first dance but the truth is, they are great songs, everyone knows the words and no matter how many times I hear Perfect, I always shed a happy tear.

Romantic First Dance Songs For Weddings


Upbeat First Dance Songs For Weddings

If the thought of waltzing around the dance floor leaves you feeling dead inside then follow Royal protocol and have an upbeat song for your first dance. Word on the street is that Meghan and Harry had Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance With Somebody - it's an absolute tune and always guaranteed to get everyone up and dancing with you.

Upbeat First Dance Songs For Weddings

Classic First Dance Songs For Weddings

If you're a romantic at heart, then our list of classic first dance songs for weddings will be right up your street and will make everyone go weak at the knees. We're talking smooth, soulful songs that are completely timeless and will make an appearance at every occasion forever more - reminding you of your wonderful big day.

Classic First Dance Songs For Weddings We'd love to hear more of your first dance choices - if anyone can blow us away with a suggestion we've never heard before please do, we love a bit of originality. And if you fancy sharing your wedding playlists with us, you can find us on Spotify 


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