Here at RMW we believe that every celebration is made infinitely better by cheese. Okay, so we love all weddings, but weddings with a cheese tower? Heart eyes! Judging by how many of our amazing couples choose this cake alternative we're not alone in our cheese loving, so you can imagine how thrilled we are to now be featuring the epic Neal's Yard Dairy on our handpicked supplier directory, The List. We guarantee by the end of this post you will be booking an appointment to design your perfect bespoke celebration cake or cheese tower. Neal's Yard Dairy: We have been selecting and maturing British farmhouse cheese since 1979. We started out at a time when industrial production threatened to wipe farmhouse cheesemaking out. We weren’t about to stand by and let that happen! We believed in artisan cheese when no one else was interested and continue to champion farmhouse cheesemakers today. We work with about 40 cheesemakers who we visit regularly to taste their cheese and select the batches we want to mature and sell. Cheese is our inspiration. As our company grew we had more and more events and milestones in our community, and being in the business we are, cheese was central to all our celebrations! Before long, creating cheese cakes became a significant part of what we do. We have now created thousands of cheese cakes, and we believe every celebration should include a luxurious cheese feast. We love creating cakes to showcase the amazing craftsmanship which makes the most delicious cheese. We feel privileged to take part in this special time for our couples. We cherish how the cakes we create are interwoven with their lives – whether they choose the Cheshire from their engagement picnic or the St James from their first Lake District holiday, there are so many cheesy memories to include! Every one of our cakes makes a stunning centrepiece, as unique as it is exceptionally scrumptious.  

“The tasting was exceptional, the staff were so welcoming and their knowledge and passion for their product was incredible. They offered great advice on quantity, flavours etc but ultimately left us to make our own choices which was great (although the decision making was tough). They worked with our caterers and the cheese was delivered seamlessly which was important for us with so many other things going on at the time. The cheese went down very well by all guests and looked fantastic with a little work from our florist. We even had a little left over which we gave to family to take home and enjoy. From start to finish Neal’s Yard were incredible. Friendly, professional, passionate and with an incredible product. I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone who loves cheese.” Mark Hall

“We thought we'd over ordered (10kgs including Colston Basset, Montgomery, Coolea, St Jude's, Riseley and Sinodum Hill) but it just about all got eaten ... evidently a ceilidh works up quite an appetite! Thank you so much for all the help & advice first choosing (and tasting) the cheeses to make up our cheese board and then with delivery etc. It all went down very well... literally.” Helena Waters

“We were really pleased with our cheese selection and our guests were very appreciative. Some raved so much about it that there are the first steps of a plan to set up a little cheese club & get one of your monthly subscriptions.” Carolynn Hillebrand

Don't forget to visit Neal's Yard Dairy and the wealth of other talented industry professionals who have been handpicked for The List. All have the desire to assist you in creating the day you've been dreaming of, so what are you waiting for?


  • At Neal’s Yard Dairy we have a communal kitchen. Every day we all take turns to cook lunch for each other. It is really rewarding and an important part of our company culture.
  • Last year we sold the cheese equivalent to the weight of 50 and a half London buses.
  • It takes ten litres of milk to make one kilo of cheese. Just think how many swimming pools full we help turn into cheese each year!
  • The history of cheese is full of holes, but it's all interesting in its own whey.
  • Before the First World War there were over 3,500 farmhouse cheese-makers in the UK. Nowadays, barely 100 are still making cheese.
  • Cheese contains tryptophan, which improves your mood. Studies have shown that tryptophan can help to manage stress and anxiety – and that it could be as effective as therapy.
Neal's Yard Dairy
Our original cheese shop opened in 1979 at Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden. Our business has developed and we now also have a cheese shop at Borough Market and in Spa Terminus in Bermondsey.
t: 020 7500 7575
You can find Neal's Yard Dairy in our Cakes and Food & Drink categories of The List.
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Laura Humphrey

Written by Laura Humphrey

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