If it hasn't crossed your mind already during wedding planning to just run away to Vegas & get married, then this elopement in Sin City will definitely make you seriously consider it! Andi f you haven't seen the episode of Friends where Ross & Rachel got hitched in Vegas after a couple of drinks, then firstly where have you been?! and secondly, this wedding was very much the epitome of that brilliant episode. It was everything this bride and groom envisioned, a fun, rock 'n' roll elopement, where in their own words they "got drunk, got married and lost a bunch of dollars in the casino" - need we say more?! The fun-loving couple donned stylish outfits for their ceremony, including a gold sequin mini dress and a vintage coat from a thrift store, where the King of Rock & Roll, married the duo at the Little White Wedding Chapel, before they headed out onto the Vegas strip to try their luck! 


Little White Wedding Chapel Elopement with Short Bride Dress & Bridal Boots

I dreamt about getting married in Las Vegas since that episode in Friends when Rachel and Ross got drunk and got married there. In the 90 ́s every girl wanted to be I had to! And finally when we could make it possible, and we added some treats such as a convertible mustang, a photo shooting in the desert, and afterwards, travel around LA, Big Sur and SF. An unforgettable experience with the love of my live!!(he ́s way better than Ross LOL)

Noelia & Pablo

Rock & roll, baby!! we got drunk, we got married and we lost a bunch of dollars in the casino...regular Las Vegas day I guess! we enjoyed as crazy every single minute there, running down the corridors in The Venetian, betting in The Bellagio, dancing in the streets, drinking and laughing all the time! and then in the Treasure Island Hotel...more rock & roll!

Noelia & Pablo

Vintage Wedding Outfits & Thrift Shop Jacket for Groom


My husband big hairy coat came from a thrift shop, as well as my veil (love vintage stuff).In the shooting in the desert I wore a dress from and old lady from the 60 ́s who sold it to me for 25€, & I made my bouquet from old artificial flowers which came from the decoration of our first (and complete failure) wedding (we got married before in Spain but EVERYTHING went so wrong... that we had to do it all again!...and this time...perfect, Rachel & Ross type of perfect (if we still lived in the 90 ́s)

Noelia & Pablo

We love that this couple wore thrift shop finds and vintage garments for their elopement in Vegas and are definitely proof that you can still look super stylish in recycled wedding gear! If you are looking for ways you can have a more sustainable wedding, then stop what you are doing, have you heard of Recycle My Wedding?! You can buy and sell wedding dresses, decor, accessories and anything in between right here! 

Imogen Read

Written by Imogen Read

Venue: A Little White Chapel | Bride Dress: Zara | Bridal Shoes: ASOS

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