A dream(land) of a wedding at Margate Dreamland? It's an immediate yes from us. Vikki & Beth's beautifully colourful celebration was a rollercoaster from start to finish. And we mean that in a literal sense - because their theme park wedding featured everything we love about them - rides, food, joy, music, and most importantly - love. Recommended supplier Kirsty Mackenzie Photography was able to capture the individuality, quirkiness, diversity and beauty of this day superbly. It's truly a gift to see such a unique and wonderful wedding. Speaking of gifts... Vikki & Beth chose Recommended supplier Prezola as their gift list service of choice (tenuous segue, I realise, but let's swiftly move on). Buckle up, because you're about to go on a vibrant, fun-filled rollercoaster ride.

Theme park wedding at Margate Dreamland with alternative bridal outfits and a pink and purple colour scheme

What made our day unique? Us. We are pretty individual anyway. So, we threw out rules and traditions and planned a day that was fun and we would enjoy. There wasn't one theme or one colour, we had lots. We embraced our weirdness, uniqueness and diversity and made a day that all our friends and relatives enjoyed. We had the best time! It was a great way to show our love and enjoy everyone. ‘Best wedding ever’ was on most people’s lips as they left.

Vikki & Beth

Inclusivity at Margate Dreamland

Inclusion was on our minds the whole way through. How we could cater for people who needed quieter areas, who needed access, and who wanted to talk to others. This lead us to have quieter spaces and provide quizzes and games for people. Remember, it's your day. Do it your way. We took the rule book and ripped it up and just did the bits we wanted. A small ceremony, no speeches, the day got gradually busier so it didn’t overwhelm Beth. We included people in creative ways, with our parents reading instead of giving us away. Sustainability, accessibility and inclusivity are really important to us as a couple, so we wanted it to be a part of our wedding, too. 

Vikki & Beth

Our vows were based on music and tv/film passions. We had a lot of queer music represented, especially queer women (Grace Petrie, Lucy Spraggan and Mary Lambert all featured in the ceremony and Mary Lambert was also our first dance - She keeps Me Warm).

The readings were I like you by Sandal Stoddard Walberg, and then two shorter readings from Dr Seuss (mutual weirdness) and Winnie the Pooh. 

Vikki & Beth

We love a bridal suit - especially when it's a purple velvet blazer, matching the bride's hair!

This is one of those weddings that we could write about for days on end. The colour scheme, the venue, the vibrancy, just... everything! The venue choice for Vikki & Beth was certainly incredible. If you want a venue that brings your personality to life, then our article on how to choose a wedding venue will be perfect. The photos from this wedding are divine - each and every one. Those confetti shots are...chef's kiss! If you too want some seriously stellar photos to remember forever, then we've got a handy list of 10 must-have wedding photos.

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

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