Wedding games are a successfully tried and tested way of getting guests involved in the fun of your big day. Whatever the weather, there's an abundance of different kinds of games to spruce up your ceremony. Games are great for breaking the ice, unleashing creativity, and taking pressure off entertaining! It allows guests to mingle more and let their playful, competitive side come through. This means you newlyweds can relax and have some fun yourself! Entertainment is a big part of planning your wedding, so keep it in mind when doing so. Or, simply use our 12-month wedding checklist! Sometimes it's hard to think about games that will entertain a large group of people, though. Never fear - that's where we come in. Whether it's an interactive game, a giant garden game or a photobooth, we've got every base covered. Get your gaming hats on, and let's get started.

Wedding games for everyone at your ceremony to enjoy!

Interactive games

If you want your guests involved, interactive wedding games are a great choice. There's a whole host of choices, so we've cherry-picked four of our favourites. To start with, we've got Mr & Mrs. If you're new to the game, the premise is simple. Your quiz host selects questions and asks the newlyweds to answer them before the wedding. Then, the host asks each of you a question, and if your answers match up - then you get a point. It's a brilliant game to check your knowledge of your new partner and get the whole room cheering and laughing with you. If you're not sure what kind of questions to ask, we have a list of 60 Mr & Mrs questions that you can get some inspiration from.

Another interactive game is a Wedding Sweepstake. You nominate a trustworthy timekeeper, decide on the stake (£££!), predict the length of the speeches from the first to the last speaker, and then the winner takes all. If you ever went to a bingo game with your nan, then you'll do great in a round of Wedding Bingo. All you need to do is find some printables from the internet and pass them around at some point during the day. Jenny & Paddy had the right idea with their take on "Speech Bingo".

Finally, we've got the Wedding Shoe Game. Put two chairs back to back, and have the newlyweds sit on them. Ask them each to remove a shoe, and have the quizmaster ask questions about the couple. For example, "Who said I love you first?". The couple then raises the shoes of the person the question describes. These interactive games are a brilliant way to get everyone involved, whilst learning more about the couple in question - and they're always crowd-pleasers. We promise!

Giant garden wedding games

Giant garden wedding games are loads of fun, and also fairly self-explanatory. You take some classic games that most of us will have played when we were younger (or older! no ageism here!), and you make them huge. These wedding games are in equal measure nostalgic as they are fun! A good example of this would be Jenga. Debbie & Nick showed off their epic DIY skills with their huge garden Jenga, which was an absolute treat for all guests. Another example would be Connect 4. With a large version of Connect 4, it means you can split into teams for some real friendly competition between guests.

Cornhole is next on our list. This game might be a little less well-known, so let's go over the rules. It's a popular American lawn game where players/teams take turns throwing bean bags at a raised, angled board with a hole in it. The aim of the game is to score points by landing a beanbag ON the board or throwing the beanbag through the hole. Finally, and in a similar fashion to cornhole, we've got a giant ring toss. Get your guests into teams and let the fun begin! If you're looking for a wedding that incorporated a whole host of giant garden games, look no further than Michael & James' gorgeous outdoor wedding.

Fun wedding games

Next on our list - are fun wedding games. Now, you might be thinking; but all of these games are fun! Yes, you are absolutely correct. However in this sense when we say fun, we mean there is some (or a lot, depending on your preference) alcohol involved. Adult-friendly fun! To many, the first game that pops into mind when thinking about American college frat parties would be beer pong - but it's a game that's widely applicable to weddings, too. Get yourselves into teams and start ponging! Super easy, super fun and super DIY-able. Jasmine & Stephanie clearly thought so too, with their gorgeous DIYed and personalised beer pong table!

Another great drinking game for weddings is the "Wedding Speech Drinking Game". This is fairly simple too, and you can create your own rules. The general idea is that you take a drink whenever something on your list happens. So, for example, take a sip when the speaker mentions how long they've known the bride/groom. If you fancy testing your flexibility, or you just want to see people fall over (hey, we don't blame you) then limbo is a good game for you. Fez & Sophie clearly thought so too! Not only did they have, hook a duck and tug of war, but they also had a great game of limbo at their wonderful farm wedding.

Lawn Games

If you're having a summer wedding, or at least you know the weather is going to be good, then some good old-fashioned lawn games are fun for all the family. Sack races aren't just for Sports Day or PE - they're equally fun at a wedding, too! Justina & Simon evidently thought so, as they alongside their guests had loads of fun racing each other in the sun.

If you want a bit less chaos in your games, then opt for a dignified lawn game - like croquet or boules. Still super fun and easy to get everyone involved, but with slightly less sweat and the possibility of ruining dresses or suits. Emily & Steve had the right idea - their French destination wedding involved a garden party with croquet, boules, and more! Finally, if you're looking for something a bit more competitive and team VS team, then a tug of war is a great idea. Tug of war is a good option if you want everyone to get involved and have fun. Take Charlotte & Ben's lovely marquee wedding as an example - their guests had an absolute ball!


To round up on fun wedding games for your big day, we've actually got a choice that isn't technically a game... but is still incredibly fun! That's right - photobooths. We at Rock My Wedding are suckers for a good photo booth - not only is it fun to get some props and pose with your pals, but it's also lovely to keep little memories of the day with you. Whether it's an open-air, old-school, slow-motion, GIF-maker or another kind of photo booth, all your guests will have ample fun! Lou & Dan's guests can attest to that fact. Their airstream photo booth was a hit at their Cotswold wedding.

What kind of wedding games are you going to choose?

You can now safely tick wedding games off of your to-do list. Hopefully, you've found some game-spiration here - and remember that no matter what you choose, your guests are going to have a ball either way! Lots of wedding suppliers will provide games and photobooths that we have mentioned above, so our Recommended Suppliers page is a great place to have a look. Speaking of photobooths - have you found your wedding photographer yet? If not, don't worry. We've got a roundup of the best wedding photographers of 2022. Finally, if you're still thinking about how to incorporate loads of fun into your wedding, look no further than our fun champagne pop wedding pictures. Fun, aesthetically pleasing, AND champagne! It's a triple win!

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

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