Becky: Just because your wedding (either through choice or because you've had to scale it back) falls under the 'micro' category doesn't mean it can't have maximum impact. Chioma Alade from Studio-Chi joins Rock My Wedding to tell you how to maximise your day and make it the best ever. She calls it the maxi-micro wedding and we love it!

Chioma is the Founder & Creative Director of Studio-Chi Design which is a one-stop-shop for everything weddings. Chioma dons many hats and is a florist, designer, and stationer who works closely with her couples to make their days as unique as they are, leading with exquisite design. Just look at that bouquet above! The perfect example of how to go maxi for your micro wedding. Here's Chioma with more ways to maximise your day, whatever the scale.

Max on grand, micro on guest list

Okay, so fingers and toes crossed, the world is about to open up to us again. But let’s be honest there are some of us thinking, I still do not want the world at my wedding. Especially since the last year has helped us to really identify our closest circles. 

Chioma Alade

Here’s the thing, it’s 2021, let’s celebrate love the way WE want to!

While I’m at it, I’m firing the idea that a small wedding has to be less grand, less beautiful, and less opulent, right here, this second.

If you see those Pinterest pictures and feel stumped on where to start? If you’re thinking, how do I give my smaller wedding the stylish wow? We love doing this kind of wedding at Studio-Chi but I’m calling it globally, this kind of wedding is going to be a hit!  Here are my top tips for going max on grand and micro on your guestlist:

1. Go ‘Wow’ on your outfits

Brides, go for a big dress! Think fairytale delicate (not loo roll holder). Think couture craftsmanship, silks, and chiffons. Dramatic sleeves and an exaggerated train. Grooms think of exceptional tailoring with exquisite fabrics or even a pattern. Don’t forget your accessories. Fab shoes, jewellery and of course editorial worthy hair and beauty. 

2. Go ‘Grand’ on the venue

A small guest list doesn’t necessarily mean a court wedding and trip to the local if that is not what you want! That castle? That stately mansion? You can be Lord/ Lady of the manor for the day. Your big day still deserves the oomph! And imagine the photographs you could take! 

3. Go ‘Foodie’ on the food!

Foodie? What about a tasting menu style of wedding breakfast. Or a tailor-made breakfast, lunch and dinner with your guests. Your private chef could recreate your favourite dishes for your guests in your intimate setting. Great food is a great accompaniment to beautiful memories. Do not forget lovely drinks too!

4. Go ‘Memorable’ on the guest experience

Mass easily-forgotten wedding favours are soon becoming a thing of the past but give your guests an experience they won’t easily forget. Think from the beginning of their day to the end. You could even have all of your guests stay the night. Live music? The guest-list will be smaller and trusted and they can discover your venue too! An overnight bag full of treats on your guest's beds, a butler for your day. The sky’s the limit!

5. Go ‘Exquisite’ on the wedding stationery.

Gold acrylic Invitations, hand-painted menu’s and that dream die cut invitation suite with the letterpress flourishes? Go ornate.

6. Go ‘Big’ on flowers.

You will have fewer tables, so go big on installations. Think flowers….everywhere. Flowers on fireplaces. A ceiling installation above your dining area. A wow arch or aisle? Flowers across the entrance of your venue or on the steps?  You can do it all! 

7. Go ‘Specific’ on your videography and photography.

You want your album and videography to capture the experience as best as possible. Whatever style you prefer, pick a creative with a penchant for capturing the details so you can relive your memories.

Becky: Well, we're sold! How about you? We love the idea of making the most of all the things Chioma mentions. With a smaller guest list, you may have more budget to really go to town on all of those parts of the wedding day that are the most important to you.

If you want to chat to Chioma about bringing your maxi-micro wedding ideas to life you can contact her here and also be sure to follow her on Instagram for updates, tips, and ways to plan an incredible wedding. Thanks to Chioma for contributing this article today! We're off to think about personalised menus and prancing about. 

Florist: Studio-Chi Weddings | Planning: Studio-Chi Weddings | Morilee: Dress Designer
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