María & Fernando’s Mexico wedding venue is just as dreamy as it sounds. Honestly, just look at that beach setting, surrounded by dried florals and palm trees; what more could you want? María looks ethereal in her elegant lace gown and low up-do. Can we also take a moment to appreciate Fernando’s incredible buttonhole? We absolutely love it! This beautiful couple spent their day in a bubble of love and friends, which then transpired into a night of partying, The Soul Brothers, and wizard-like crowns… yep, you heard us. 

Mexico wedding venue for boho chic beach wedding 

We wanted our wedding to be a true celebration of the union of our lives. Not another recreation of an event diluted by traditions imposed by society. We both share a strong connection to nature and music. So, we wanted that side of us to be expressed in every aesthetic aspect of the wedding.

María & Fernando


It’s 2:00am in the morning, everyone's dancing and the celebration is at its peak. All of a sudden, we see this black SUV park next to the palapa we are at, and two guys in dark tunics come out. The Soul Brothers were arriving at out our weeding for an after party! Coloured umbrellas start popping out everywhere, copal gets ignited, and our friends bring us these wizard-like crowns and capes to wear. We never expected things to get so weird and fun in our wedding! This was all part of a surprise after-party organised by our friends.


Never settle with a supplier or a venue that doesn't take the time to get to know you and understands what you really want. We were about to settle with a wedding designer. However, a month before the wedding day, we decided that it simply wasn't what we wanted. Luckily we found Axel, and he single handedly redesigned the whole wedding, creating something better than we could have ever imagined. He understood the experience we wanted to offer our guests and created this amazing and beautiful day that blew everyone’s minds. 

We love the use of dried florals throughout this gorgeous day. Also a fantastic sustainable alternative! 

Honestly, we would just like to thank every single one of our suppliers for having worked together with such a short amount of time to create such a beautiful experience for us and all of our guests. Carolina's princess-like preparation, Axel's magical creativity, Itzel's organized coordination, Blue Venado's superior service and Hideki's eye for capturing eternal moments, made of this day an even more heartwarming one to look back to.

María & Fernando

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Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

Venue: Blue Venado | Wedding Planner: Axel Aldrete | Wedding Cake: Zaida Marcos | Hair Stylist: Pamela Yano | Makeup Artist: Carolina Bellavista | Bridal Gown: Vero Díaz

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