If you read wedding blogs or use Pinterest, you might be mistaken for thinking that the 'classic' wedding has had it's day. Well today I'm telling you that it really, most definitely hasn't. In a wedding world full of DIY bunting, home baked dessert tables and hand stamped stationery, it can feel like you're the only Bride confessing to hate craft and to be having what would traditionally be referred to as a 'white wedding.' Some of our most popular weddings of all time are the classic, timeless, elegant weddings that might not jump out to you at first glance, that might not be pinned to death, but they stand the test of time. Just like that Princess dress you've fallen for, despite telling yourself you'd never be one of those girls, the gorgeous diamond jewellery from De Beers you are investing in that you hope will become a family heirloom and the all-white floral arrangements you've asked your florist to create. Navy Wedding Inspiration

What Is A Classic Wedding?

I suppose this is very hard to define, as most people's idea of classic is slightly different. For me, a classic wedding is one which is elegant in styling and is driven by following traditions rather than trends. The Groom doesn't have to be in tails and likewise the Bride might not be in a big white dress, but generally the tone of the day is sophisticated and structured. In most cases, there will be a church ceremony (we still feature lots on RMW) but not always, sometimes the venue will be a beautiful hotel or stately home.

The Colour Palette

The first colour that springs to mind when I think of a classic wedding is navy, as you can see in our mood board above it always looks beautiful! It's a universally flattering colour and is very easy to mix in with other colour palettes. Most of the images above are taken from real weddings featured on these very pages, so please don't worry that navy is old fashioned or over used. It's popular for a reason. Likewise with greys and pinks. And if your everyday style is classic, why change that for your wedding day?

Following Traditions

If having a classic, timeless wedding is important to you, then it's likely that you'll want to follow traditions too. They bring a sense of nostalgia to the day and that feeling of doing things properly. So if sleeping apart the night before the wedding is important to you, along with having 'something old, new, borrowed and blue' then embrace it. Just because it's trendy now to serve a cheese cake or have no cake at all, that doesn't mean you can't have the biggest fruit cake known to man. It's your wedding day after all! Another tradition we think is really romantic is having matching wedding bands. There isn't a hard and fast rule that says you must wear a diamond pave band while your other half wears a plain one. The DB Classic One Diamond band is clean and elegant, with a single diamond set on the top, symbolising a token of your love, so that you carry a part of each other even when you're apart. And if you love this sentiment, but your other half will not wear a band with a diamond on, even the plain wedding bands by De Beers are set with a concealed diamond on the inside. How completely and utterly romantic?

Classic Styling

Sometimes there's a sort of reverse snobbery with spending money on your wedding day. It can feel like everyone is getting married in their Uncle's barn with the WI doing the flowers for free and Farmer John putting on a hog roast - but I promise you that's not the case. If you'd like to spend your hard earned money on your big day, then please go right ahead. Equally there are often family members who want to spoil you. You can't deny your Mum the opportunity to buy you your wedding dress or your fiancé the chance to show you how much he loves you with De Beers jewellery, like the Aura Pear Pendant, on the morning of your wedding.

Your Wedding

Is anyone currently planning a wedding that they feel is much more classic than everyone else? Is having an elegant, timeless day important to you? Which traditions are you really keen to follow? Do let us know in the comments box below the post!
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

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