I love a beautiful wedding invite. One that is thoughtfully designed and reflective of the couple. I'm also a big fan of graphical prints so it's no surprise that I'm about to rave about our amazing sponsors Original Wedding Tea Towels. Not only do they design fabulous invites in bold colours but they then print them on to tea towels. They don't just have to be for invites either as they make the perfect favour as a little memento of your big day.
If you want to send your guest a totally unique invitation then you need an Original Wedding Tea Towel! Beautifully designed wedding invitations, favours and save the dates printed on to 100% cotton tea towels. What's most perfect about sending wedding tea towels is finally it's a wedding announcement that friends and family can actually use, practically zero waste as your wedding invitation will be treasured and put to work by your loved ones for years to come. Kinder on the environment, affordable, lightweight to post and with a range of designs and supporting A5 cards and evening invitations, what's not to love. Here's a little bit more about the inventors of the wedding tea towel (Royal family aside!)... Original Wedding Tea Towels is owned by husband and wife, Karen & Ben who way back in December 2009, got married. Yay! Ben's a designer so was under huge pressure to come up with a cool idea for our wedding invitation. After about 20 failed attempts he finally hit on the idea of doing something people could keep, (after all, why spend all that money on something that people are only going to throw away), so we invented the 'Wedding Tea Towel'. People seemed genuinely blown away and the feedback was amazing and almost all of the guests must have RSVP'ed before the day was out. It became one of the most memorable things about the wedding! And now, they are still spotted in their friend's kitchens! It's a simple idea that appeals to interesting couples, and it's a business that's growing up with a motto to 'design every Wedding Tea Towel as if we're designing their own', that way the finished tea towels are created with masses of love and attention.
Lottie Manns

Written by Lottie Manns

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