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Perfect Moments

In all the excitement of planning your wedding it’s easy to get caught up in the minute details of the day. Is the font on your invites the exact shade of blush you want or will that beautifully crafted wall of origami cranes hang correctly? Yes, these are important. They are what makes your day unique and brings together everything you want in your day. Without these gorgeous details we wouldn’t have half as many wonderful weddings to share with you. But sometimes it feels right to remind you to cherish the moments rather than the things. That gentle kiss, the proud look in your father’s eye or that subtle hand squeeze that reassures you. It could just be the mad laughter that overtakes you as you see the best man strutting his stuff on the dance floor.

It’s these moments that make your day. The things you will remember that are full of so much joy and happiness. So today is all about the moments and bringing you just a little bit of love and laughter to brighten your afternoon. Enjoy.

Author: Lottie Manns
Cake baker (and cake eater!) extraordinaire. Drawn to all things girly and glittery.

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