I've been looking forward to sharing this bright and bold inspiration shoot with you all for a while now. Amy Faith had me after one glimpse at THAT hot pink bouquet, and that was before I'd even seen the gorgeous dresses, table decor and epic cake topper. Her ethos that your wedding day should reflect your personal tastes is exactly how we feel too. Not only does this shoot look gorgeous, but according to Amy it has actually been scientifically proven that both the colour pink and being surround by plants changes your life in a positive way. An excellent excuse to share a hot pink botanical shoot with you all then? Enjoy!

The Inspiration

Amy the Photographer: I have been sooo in love with the current trends of Botanics, tropical palms and pink hues that are whizzing around everywhere right now. My house is full of all 3 trends, so I just knew I had to base a cool as f*ck styled shoot around them! Before I even started enrolling a group of amazing wedding suppliers to help me build this perfectly styled wedding shoot, I began to investigate why these trends have been so popular. I was incredibly happy to learn that spending time looking at the colour pink and surrounding yourself with nature can actually be life-altering. Yes, LIFE-ALTERING! Varying tones of pink can not only help calm your mood and empower your soul, but pink also represents unconditional love and understanding. Can you think of a better colour to splash about on your wedding day? When you combine pink with the gentle greens of oxygen-providing botanical plants, you have a DREAM combination. Whether you are planning a city or country-based wedding, surrounding yourself on your special day with beautiful plants and flowers can also reduce stress and invigorate your mind. Forget bridezilla, we’re talking serious brideCHILLA.

The Shoot

Whenever I plan a styled shoot, I always want to put myself in the shoes of my current and potential future clients. I may be an old pro when it comes to researching new and emerging wedding fashions on blogs, Pinterest and Instagram, but I have to remind myself that this is usually my couples first time arranging anything on this scale – unlike me, they haven’t spent the last 5 or 6 years immersing themselves into the world of wedding styling. Because of this most couples will think they have to choose the exact same décor and ideas as they have seen at weddings they were guests at, not understanding that there is SO much more choice out there that will represent them as the frigging incredible and one-of-a-kind couple they are!

A Fresh Way

Sometimes I want to shout from the rooftops “burlap-wrapped jam jars and dainty vintage bunting may be fine for one couple, but it isn’t the be-all-end-all of wedding styling!” I meet so many couples who are desperate to put their own stamp on their own wedding with no idea how Avant Garde they can take it. I mean, we all loved the shabby chic look when it was around, but I think it’s safe to say that it’s had its heyday - it’s time for the new trends to take centre stage. They’re loud and proud, sometimes tacky, sometimes clashing; but they’re unique, colourful and fun! And that’s how weddings of today should be.

The Dream Team

So, I finally gathered together a bunch of freaking brilliant wedding suppliers that I super love working with to show our couples just how much fun you can have and how individual you can be when styling your own wedding. You want gold lacquered pineapples? Suuure, why the hell not!! You want a neon sign on your cake table? Of course, get that shit on there!! You want to wear a pink denim jacket and bare feet? If you don’t do it, I will!! There is nothing more I love to tell newly engaged couples than “Are you joking? OF COURSE, you can have a pink glittery cake topper on your wedding cake that literally screams ‘F*CK YEAH’, because F*CK YEAH, you guys just got married!”

Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Venue: Palm House Sefton Park | Flowers: Joseph Massie | Dresses: Jean Jackson Couture | Shirts & Suits: Richard Smith | Make Up: Hannah Carson | Hair: Annie Elizabeth | Cake: Elizabeth Harris | Stationery: Emily & Jo | Props & Cake Topper: Always Lovely | Light Box: Bear Hug Events | Neon Sign: Neon Creations | Crockery & Styling: Pretty Creative | Shoes: ASOS | Assistant Photographer: Hyper Hyper Photo | Table & Chair Hire: Childwall Tables

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