Becky: Well hello you lovely lot! Let's talk short engagements and small weddings. We know that some of you are getting engaged and you're getting married stat. And so we wanted to give you a little help in the planning department for how to do that successfully. Enter Cherelle,  because she is the expert. Cherelle is a wedding and event planner and owns Perfectly Planned For You so she knows exactly how you can make the most out of your swift engagement. 

We all know that the pandemic has changed the way weddings are run

We all know that the pandemic has changed the way weddings are run, but many couples are now facing the need to change their plans at the last minute so that they can look forward to a day that honours their love.

Cherelle Joseph

At Perfectly Planned 4 You, we want to make sure that if you are one of those going through the back and forth of rescheduling your very own wedding day, that we help you create the day you want, in the timescale you need.


Just because you are having a smaller wedding it doesn’t mean you don’t need a wedding planner. As your wedding planners, we act as your crisis limiter leading up to and during your wedding. A wedding planner is also objective when it comes to making tough decisions and will always have what you and your partner want at the center of everything they do. At Perfectly Planned 4 You, we can curate a list of wedding suppliers we can call on (at short notice) to turn your vision into reality. 


One of the critical parts of organising a small wedding on a short deadline is to pay attention to the essential details such as food, drinks, decoration and entertainment. We have all been to a reception that served warm drinks and cold food. Issues like these can spoil the entire day. Taking the time to quality check these details is the key to having the perfect day, no matter how quickly you need to organise it! 

Make Your Day Personal

Having a small wedding does not mean it has to be rushed and adding in personal touches can make the day even more impressive than you had initially planned. Taking the time to make your favours memorable or speeches unique will bring the guests together in a way that is impossible with a larger wedding. I also recommend talking to your wedding planner to find other ways of personalising your day through the flowers, food and décor. 


Celebrate in a Beautiful Location

A wedding that is small and planned at speed does not need to be basic and unappealing. I suggest that you get creative with your venue to add the intimacy that you want. Think about stunning gardens or romantic rooftops and then use décor to create the atmosphere that you want. No matter how small your wedding party, you deserve a day that looks and feels fantastic. 

If planning a speedy small wedding has you feeling a little stressed don’t be afraid to ask for support. Lean on your close friends and family, they will want to help you through this so let them, don’t be too proud.

At the end of the day, you are planning this day as a celebration of two lives coming together as one – we need to make sure that happens still. We also need to make sure that the celebration continues with the people you care most about.


Becky: Make sure you check out Cherelle's work on her website and give her a follow on Instagram. And be sure to give her a call if you want a wedding planner to help you plan your day... short timeframe or otherwise. Thanks to Cherelle for contributing this article today and thanks to The Curries for supplying these incredible images of a recent wedding styled by Cherelle!

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