Do you want to propose in a way that combines luxury, romance, and Barbados' unparalleled beauty? With two exquisite boutique all-inclusive resorts on the South Coast of Barbados, Ocean Hotels offers the unique opportunity to make your dream proposal a reality. With their bespoke 'Proposal Concierge' service, O2 Beach Club & Spa and Sea Breeze Beach House are creating some of the most memorable moments for couples looking to take their relationship to the next level.

Barbados Bespoke ‘Proposal Concierge’ Service

Romantic Proposals Customised to Your Needs

Personalised service and exclusivity are at the heart of this unique service. Whether you envision a romantic dinner for two on a pristine white-sand beach, a secluded spot with champagne to watch the sunset, or an enchanting Bubble On The Beach experience, Ocean Hotels' Proposal Concierge service can help you make any vision come true. Your proposal will be as memorable as your love story with special touches like a customised dessert surprise, a solo violinist to serenade you at the time of the proposal, or a hidden personal photographer to capture the joyous occasion.

Couple Engaged On Barbados Beach

A Personalised Service for Your Perfect Moment

O2 Beach Club & Spa and Sea Breeze Beach House's proposals concierge teams work closely with the proposer to ensure that each proposal is as unique as their love story. By collaborating one-on-one, we ensure every detail reflects your personal style and preferences, resulting in a deeply romantic and memorable engagement.

Exclusive Perks and Partnerships

The luxury doesn't end with the proposal. Diamonds International Barbados has partnered with the Proposal Concierge team at O2 Beach Club & Spa to offer guests exclusive access and a 20% discount on the exquisite Crown of Light & DI Diamond Jewellery. As part of this collaboration, we offer personalised shopping assistance, both virtually and in person, helping you choose the perfect ring for your love. O2 Beach Club & Spa will also reward guests who propose during their stay with one free night on their next visit, making returning to this paradise even more tempting.

O2 Beach Club & Spa and Sea Breeze Beach House Barbados

In Barbados, O2 Beach Club & Spa is the pinnacle of five-star luxury boutique all-inclusive resorts. Set against 1,000 feet of powdery white sand, it offers Bajan culture, gourmet dining, and innovative spa treatments. With gourmet restaurants, bars, lounges, and three stunning pools, this resort offers an authentic beach club atmosphere. 

With a 4.5-star rating, Sea Breeze Beach House offers wedding guests a boutique all-inclusive experience that is intimate and cosy. The resort features a plethora of activities for guests of all ages. It is set on 2.5 acres of lush Caribbean gardens and 1,000 feet of sandy beachfront. From water sports to culinary experiences, this resort will provide unforgettable memories.

The Ocean Hotels Proposal Concierge service is the gateway to an engagement that transcends all expectations for those seeking a proposal story wrapped in Barbados' luxury and natural beauty. At Ocean Hotels, your proposal will be as memorable as the love it celebrates. With personalised planning, exclusive partnerships, and the stunning backdrop of Barbados' South Coast, your proposal will be a memory you will never forget.

Jennifer Read-Dominguez

Written by Jennifer Read-Dominguez

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