Recently we've been sharing COVID related resources with you and the response we've received has been incredible. Overwhelmingly, couples are choosing to remain positive and tackle the situation head-on with innovation and grace. Some of you have had to go to Plan B as it's become clear that lockdown will impact your day. Many of you are still in the unknown when it comes to wedding planning and whether or not your date will go ahead as planned, go ahead with smaller numbers or require a postponement. Coming up with your Plan B (whether you will need it or not, we're advising that most couples have one) can require some research and forward-thinking. Your plans for the day are obviously one factor. But another factor that we know will be close to your heart is how to limit the impact on guests as much as possible. Generally, a guest's investment in your day can extend to travel arrangements, accommodation, outfits, and gifts. Travel arrangements and accommodation are aspects that will vary wildly and are highly individual and outfits are something that can be kept for your future date. But we are in a position to offer you advice when it comes to how to financially protect yourself and your guests when it comes to wedding gifts.


The Modern Way - A Hybrid Gift List Service

One of the most secure ways to ensure your guest's kind gifts are protected is to choose a gift list service that comes with 100% financial protection. This also allows you to build a gift list where guests can choose from a range of gift options, such as products you love, charity donations, and cash/honeymoon contributions. You can have a little bit of everything on there.

In our Wedding Gift List Comparison article you can easily see the gift list services that offer 100% financial protection as part of their service from the top line of the comparison table.

Having 100% financial protection means that your guest's money is held in a separate Trust Account, giving you the peace of mind and confidence to know that any money pledged is entirely safe, regardless of the circumstances of the current climate. These wedding gift list services also offer you the option to adjust your wedding date to your new postponed date or a placeholder future date free of charge and (literally) at the touch of a button. So postponement is not an issue.

If you did decide to have a longer postponement or a smaller wedding, most guests would still want you to keep their gifts. However, if any guests required a refund because their money is held securely that option is available too.

Do your due diligence and be wary of any gift list service that isn't offering 100% financial protection or clearly indicating COVID-19 FAQs at this time.   


The Old Fashioned Way - On The Day

Regardless of whether you've stated that their presence is enough and you don't want any gifts, 99%+ of wedding guests will want to buy you a gift to celebrate your wedding day. If you haven't specified a gift list service to either collect cash contributions or allow guests to buy you things you actually want, then be prepared to have a table cleared for wrapped gifts and a secure place to store envelopes on your day. If your day has been impacted by COVID, then most guests will just hold on to their gift until the new date. Alternatively, if your guest has already purchased a gift but can't make your new date then they may choose to gift it to you anyway or hopefully have retained the ability to refund it.   


Direct Cash or Honeymoon Fund

Some cash gift services offer a direct cash option. This means there is no holding facility for the cash or honeymoon contribution and it is paid to you directly as and when guests send their gift. In this instance, it would be wise to hold any payments made in a separate account until your wedding date has arrived. This just means that the funds aren't mixed in with your own money and can remain for the purpose they were gifted when your new wedding date arrives or you can eventually go on a honeymoon. This also means that if a guest falls on hard times, or cannot make your new date and requests a refund (unlikely but not impossible), that you are in the position to do this without adding to your own financial concerns. When it comes to the variety of Honeymoon Funds out there, please do your due diligence and read terms and conditions in-depth. Especially with current (and potentially future) travel bans in place.   


The Bottom Line: Choose The Right Service

Your guests will buy you gifts. That's for certain. At Rock My Wedding, we have always recommended wedding gift lists that offer you a wide variety of options for your guests to choose from. In these uncertain times, we're now furthering that to recommend that you choose a wedding gift list with integrity. One that offers your guests full financial protection for the kind gifts they're choosing for you, whether you end up celebrating your wedding day as originally planned, or on another date in the future.   



Naomi Liddell

Written by Naomi Liddell

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