Happy Mother’s day you lovely lot! Today’s a really appropriate day for me to talk to you about flowers, because my lovely Mum is definitely a big driving force behind the floral vision for our big day. You see, I have developed my love of florals later in life. A peak at my Instagram feed will probably show you that pretty blooms are a regular feature in my house, so that they can grace my feed in style. But, and it’s a big but, my knowledge of flowers is pretty thin on the ground. Enter Mummy Kingston and our fabulously talented florist, Rita Hopcraft. Although a caterer by trade (and the mastermind behind our delicious wedding breakfast menu), my Mum has a penchant for a bit of flower arranging. So she will be providing a helping hand (and the odd green finger) to the lovely Rita to make our floral dreams come true. I communicated our vision - lots of lush foliage, a palette of raspberry and pink tones, rustic flouncy blooms, and not a rounded edge bouquet in sight. Rita is transforming this into a chic and rustic, English garden inspired explosion of beauty. The bouquets and arrangements will feature the likes of peonies (I know that one, they are my favourite) chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, amaranth, phlox, larkspur, astilbe and alstromeria. These pretty blooms will be crowned in plumes of eucalyptus, ivy, begonia and anything else that Rita and Mum can pick from the garden!
We are looking at something a little bit different with my bouquet as well (a fabulous suggestion from Rita) with a slightly vintage vibe. I won’t say any more so that you can see for yourself in the final article, but rest assured there will be an abundance of foliage. Dean’s boutonniere will have a similar style, nothing too tidy but a small taste of the pretty featured in the rest of the arrangements. Potentially with a little hint of blue sneaking in, to tie-in with the suits. So, that pretty much sums up the long and short of it. The flowers are an element that I am particularly excited to see come to life on the day, so I really can’t wait to share them with you. What are your floral plans? Are you a bit of a floristry geek, or having to be coached along the way like me? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments box below...any flower advice would always be well received! Lots of wedding love, Emma {Year of the Yes}
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

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