Happy Sunday, you fabulous wedding bunch. Hope the planning is going swimmingly. Sunday is my favourite day to get some Wedmin nailed, so I hope you are making some progress today too (or relaxing and forgetting all about any hint of planning, that’s a good Sunday activity too). Today the wedding chat is taking a bit of a masculine turn, as we talk about the groom and groomsmen...

As Dean wears smart attire to work every day, we wanted to make sure he actually felt like he was all dressed for his wedding day. Full on wedding tails are lovely and look super smart, but Dean rocks a three-piece suit infinitely better (he looks very dapper) so we had that element sorted pretty much straight away. He isn’t too keen on grey, so it seemed to make us naturally settle on blue, for both him and the was in fact the reason for incorporating blue into our colour palette. Then began the suit hunt. As we live in the relative locale, we headed over to Bicester Village to see if we could pick up a bargain there (on advice from the lovely RMW crew). Although we found a couple of Ted Baker suits in Savoy Taylors Guild that Dean was torn between, our plans to hire the groomsmen’s suits meant we wanted to see them side by side with Dean’s options. Here ensued a slightly exhausting bout of to-ing and fro-ing between Bicester, Milton Keynes and Northampton to try and pinpoint Dean’s top choice (one of which wasn’t stocked in our local Moss Bros, but was in Bicester hence the to-ing and fro-ing). It was worth the effort because we are really chuffed with the blue three-piece that he has decided on (and I reasoned a number of times that I visited significantly more shops to settle on my dress). We had the chance to see it alongside the French Connection suits that we will be hiring for the boys from Moss Bros in the end too, so the vision really started to come together. We haven’t purchased the suit yet as the boy would like the chance to slim down a little (particularly as he is training and has a marathon to run before the big day – in fact that’s exactly what he will be doing the day that this post hits your screens). We did make sure to check with the store that the suit would still be in stock though, never fear. That could have been a wedding disaster in the making, right. Then for the accessorising; who knew it was as big a deal for the guys as it is for the gals on the big day... Dean wears a tie to work, so we wanted to differentiate his neck attire from day-to-day as well. He was toying with the idea of a Bow Tie for a while, when we came across a beautiful raspberry liberty print on Mrs Bow Tie. It happened to be theast one in stock before that particular shade was discontinued, so we sort of felt it was meant to be. When the Bow Tie and matching pocket square arrived they were absolutely perfect. They were in the sale as lwell, so we actually got a bit of a bargain - in fact the two combined cost a lot less than we spent to kit the groomsmen out in Raspberry bow ties. These bow ties came from House of Ties by the Nines, and whilst they hit the right note on the colour match, our customer service experience with them was less than great. So I would say it’s an ‘approach with caution’ rather than a recommendation. We haven’t quite got as far as Dean’s foot fashion yet. After our Bicester trip I would love to treat him to a pair of Church’s shoes – particularly poignant as we both come from Northampton where the brand was born. But that’s a job for another time, I think. How involved have you all been in your groom’s attire? I have loved helping Dean decide on his wedding day style, but it still gave me a little sad pang that I didn’t get to do the same...(I tip my hat to you fabulous ladies that bucked tradition in that way; if I had my time again I think I would take him along on the dress shopping). Until next time lovelies, Lots of wedding love, Emma {Year of the Yes}

Rawnet Rawneter

Written by Rawnet Rawneter

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