The photography decision was a tricky one for us. The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that we have already had the pleasure of being snapped by a super talented photographer in our introductory post. So you might be fooled into thinking that decision was easily made... The thing is, that just so happens to be my brother (Joe Kingston Photography). We both adore his documentary photography style, but I want him to be able to relax on the day and not worry about getting the next shot (unless of course, we are talking about the alcoholic type).

This meant that we started the photographer hunt with a very clear idea of what we wanted...but no real clue on where to start. Luckily Joe shared some recommendations with us, and we started diligently researching the style that we liked online. We kept coming back to a relaxed but authentic style that we loved, Michelle Wood. I scoured wedding blogs to get a better idea of Michelle’s work and loved her photography from Katy and Simon’s wedding featured here on Rock My Wedding. A catch-up with Michelle on the phone sealed the deal, I could tell she totally got what we were looking for and would be the right person for the job.

If you are still on the photography hunt though, here are some other photographers that made our shortlist: Matt Horan // Kristian Leven // Katherine Ashdown // Scuffins Photography // Tim Dunk // Matt Parry


We umm-ed and aah-ed about having a videographer for a long time. I say we, I mean I. Dean wasn’t too keen on having one but in true husband-to-be hero style, he was happy to humour me if I decided I did want one. You see, I’ve been hanging around the periphery of the wedding industry for a while now; I’ve waitressed at weddings, I’ve dabbled in wedding blogging, I’ve spent a lot of time lusting after wedding pretty. I’ve seen lots of brides profess that their wedding videographer was the best decision they made at their wedding. And I’d watched wedding videos that brought tears to my eyes, despite not knowing a single person in them. But it’s a big investment and additional chunk of your budget. I spent hours weighing up the options, researching suppliers. I changed my mind over and over again. Then I discovered the work of RMW's favourite, Minty Slippers. And I fell in love. Their wedding videos are pure storytelling, they capture the essence and pure love of the day. And I knew that I had to have them. It wasn’t just a beautiful showreel that I was after; I know how quickly the day will go without me being able to recall what was said, or the glances between my new husband and I. I wanted to be able to watch the ceremony and the speeches back over and over again in pure clarity. Some of you might know that I also blog over on Year of the Yes. It’s a blog about living life to the full, in memory of my dear friend Lou. Lou’s sister had a videographer at her wedding, and I now watch the highlights reel regularly to see Lou smiling, laughing and moving again. It’s a memory to treasure of all of your loved ones; those you see regularly, those you don’t see as much as you would like, and those that you don’t have the option to see anymore. In the end, that’s what made the final decision. I wanted to capture the moving memory of each and every person sharing the day with us. Here’s a sneak peak at the talent of our fabulous videographers.

How about you guys? What was important for your wedding photography decision? And are you going the videography route? Would love to hear your experiences on organising these elements of your big day...whichever way you went! Pop your thoughts in the box below! Lots of wedding love, Emma {Year of the Yes}

Rawnet Rawneter

Written by Rawnet Rawneter

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