The weeks are literally flying, and I now find myself with W-Day just around the corner. That crazy mixture of pure excitement / ‘how-am-I-going-to-get-everything-done’ fear / ‘everyone-is-going-to-be-looking-at-me’ nerves are all bubbling away frantically together. It’s a heady mix. In a similar vein, today’s post is going to be a bit of a crazy concoction of some of the things I have been up to over the past few weeks...but don’t forget to use the comments box below to tell me what you have been up to as well!

The Hen Do

I got my festivities in nice and early and headed down to Devon for an extended bank holiday weekend of fun at the end of May. My girls had organised the perfect celebration in two beautiful houses just outside Noss Mayo, an idyllic little village on an estuary where I used to holiday with my family as a child. It was nice just to spend time with some of my favourite girls, but we squeezed in lots of activities while we were there too. The houses (literally across the road from each other) were close enough to wander down to a lovely secluded beach; a few of us even braved the water despite the chilly bank holiday temperatures. The Crafty Hen came to the cottage to host a floral crown-making workshop for us. We’ve used them for other hen parties in the past, so when I saw this class on the list I made a special request for it to go on the itinerary. It was so much fun and I love having a keepsake from the weekend – and seeing the girls sport theirs throughout the rest of the weekend. (I might even try my hand at making another one now that I am a pro...ahem). Food is one of my favourite things EVER, so it was a major feature of the celebrations. We had a sparkly dinner party at the house catered for by a professional chef on the Saturday night, and chocolate afternoon tea at Chocaccino in Plymouth after we had recovered from our hangovers on the Sunday. It was absolute perfection, and I can’t thank my girls enough for organising it. (They also planned a pretty epic weekend partying / lazing around in the sun at home while the boy was off on his Stag Do...and that coupled with a family hen meal that is still to come; there’s no denying that I have been well and truly spoilt)!

Wedding Fragrance

I’m going to be honest. If we rewound back to my pre-wedding blogging days (though, it feels like such a time has never existed), I’m not sure I would have given the fragrance I wore on my wedding day a second thought. But I have read so many wedding reports that talked about the memories that a bride’s wedding day perfume evokes, and as I have never had a signature scent (usually flitting between whatever is on offer or takes my fancy at the airport) I thought it was about time I bagged myself one. I’m totally onboard with sentimental additions that will help trigger memories after the big day! It was a characteristically indecisive process, mind you. A group of brides had recommended the Jo Malone pamper experience to me. You book an appointment and pop along for a complimentary hand massage (and sometimes a glass of bubbly, you can even take a friend). While you are there you are regaled with glorious scents to try and a helping hand to help you pick the perfect scent combinations. (And it’s those magical Jo Malone combinations that can make your fragrance unique). I managed to bag myself two pamper experiences (greedy). I went along with my lovely friend Sophie when I happened to be in London one evening, and although I found a single fragrance that I love (Peony and Blush Suede), I felt like something was missing but hadn’t tried any fragrance combinations with it. I tried lots of other brands in the meantime, but nothing came close, so off I headed to my local Jo Malone in MK with my lovely boy in tow to help me decide. We were greeted by the most incredible lady - who really knew her fragrances! She immediately picked out two complimentary scents that she knew I would love with my favourite Peony and Blush Suede. In the end I went with the Peony layered with Star Magnolia. It’s super special because the Magnolia is limited edition, but I also discovered that I love my signature Peony with Basil and Neroli...which I will be wafting around in after the wedding (assuming someone takes the hint from my birthday wish list). Our lovely sales assistant was so flipping good that she even managed to pick out the perfect scent for Dean (Oud and Bergamot), which we had to go back and nab because I loved how it smelt on him so much. The whole experience was super lovely, and there was absolutely no pressure to buy on either occasion! I really can’t recommend it enough.

Our Engagement Photos

You may have already spied this one, but we also met up with our fabulous photographer, Michelle Wood recently. The pictures in this post are the result of a lovely hour in the sun. Neither of us feel particularly natural in front of the camera, but Michelle made us feel completely at ease and we absolutely love the final result. We really feel that she has captured the love and fun between us, which is exactly what we want for the big day itself. If you have the opportunity to do an engagement shoot with your photographer, even if you find it a bit cringe, I would really recommend you give it a whirl. We will feel so much more relaxed on the day, knowing that Michelle knows exactly what we are looking for and how to make us feel comfortable.

Nearly There...

That’s it for today lovelies! It may sound like we have just been swanning around doing the fun stuff, but I promise we also have DIY projects / table plans / last minute planning coming out of our ears...but I have to keep a little something to delight you with in my next (AND FINAL) post. So I will see you all back here in a couple of weeks to chat table plans, spraying everything gold, a gin bar and our wedding night accommodation. Happy planning you fabulous bunch! Lots of wedding love, Emma {Year of the Yes}
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