Afternoon RMW planners, I hope you’ve all had a productive week, and are enjoying a well earned Sunday chill-out! In todays blog post I wanted to share with you our initial wedding plans, that we eventually got round to 6 months after our engagement...(read our love story & christmas proposal here).


Similar to Emma, fellow RMW Real Bride, the date for The Barnes Wedding was nearly chosen for us. We both new we wanted the Wedding in 2017, mainly so I could totally relax without the Rio Olympics on the horizon (sadly I actually missed out on the Games due to a serious injury!) After sitting down with my coaches I had a 2 month window to choose from, June to July, the off-season. Which really was perfect as we wanted a summer wedding. As we both started looking at the weekends, the 1st July 2017 definitely stood out. When written in numbers it just looked so neat we had to have it!


We pretty much knew exactly what style venue we were after from Day One. However, the initial venue style was actually not at all what we ended up going for! We had both always imagined our wedding to take place in a lovely stately home with magnificent gardens, water fountains and a dreamy bridal suite. Even though these venues were beautiful, we just didn't get that buzz - and it just didn't feel ‘US’. After going back to the drawing board, we started to look into some barns, which we totally fell in love with. A stunning contrast to our decor & styling theme. A traditional church ceremony, with a big reception full of all of the people we love, in the heart of the countryside - perfection!


We quickly gave up on narrowing down to a single colour, and instead chose a palette of blush neutrals with shades of dusky pinks, purples and greys - and of course some sparkling silver for some wow detail. We want the venue to have a classic, timeless feel but with a modern edge. So I guess the best way to describe the theme would be rustic-glam. Don’t panic if you don't have an exact colour scheme or theme, just enjoy browsing for some drop-dead Inspo. Pinterest is an absolute game changer, and I would definitely recommend the phone app (warning - addiction is very likely!) I can’t wait to revisit decor further in a couple of weeks time, so watch this space! Hopefully thats given you all a taste of what to expect with the #OVBWedding - are any of you going for a similar style? Or something completely different? I’m sure everyone would love to hear all about your individual theme and styling ideas! Love Vicky x (
Rawnet Rawneter

Written by Rawnet Rawneter

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