A rock climbing wedding shoot? Well, it was something we didn’t know we needed… until now. Alicia & KB met at a rock climbing gym in Glasgow, and over three years later, they’re still going strong (quite literally - look at those skills). So, they made their way to Scotland and incorporated their passion into their pre-wedding shoot, and we absolutely love it! The scenery is positively idyllic, and Alicia looks stunning in her dress that was flown in from Singapore. They even borrowed a family members awesome vintage car! 

Rock climbing wedding shoot in Scotland with vintage car 

Stevie was very easy to work with. Very helpful in directing us! He puts in his all for every shoot; spending days to prepare and scout out locations to make sure everything is perfect.

Alicia & KB


He proposed at the top of a snow covered Ben Ledi, after going through sun, rain, wind and snow. We started the hike with not a single bit of snow, just rain, the occasional sun - somehow we ended up walking into a snow storm midway up. By the time we got to the summit, everything was covered in snow and there was no one else at the top.

When planning your pre-wedding shoot, think about what reflects you as a couple. This shoot may not be the craziest thing you could think of…

On the wedding day itself, Stevie was there capturing all the moments, but was not intrusive and we really appreciated it. The photos he took were brilliant and for some, we didn't even know when he took them.

Alicia & KB

A rock climbing wedding shoot may be right up your street, but if not, we have plenty more inspiration! Check out this article on why an engagement session is the perfect keepsake, and easy to socially distance. Or how about taking a trip to an alpaca farm…? Well, we did tell you rock climbing may not be the craziest thing you could do…

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

Photographer: Stevie Weir
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