Imagine getting married amongst the South African bush, surrounded by amazing wildlife with the sun beating down on you...well this couple did just that making their dream a reality with this safari wedding. Now we are sharing it with you because, wow! The bride, in a Rue De Seine dress, took a short but breathtaking Jeep ride to meet her groom to tie the knot in a traditional English ceremony followed by a traditional African ceremony. There may have only been 2 official guests but there were plenty of eyes on them that day as they were surrounded by the African wildlife! Amazing!

A small, intimate safari wedding in the middle of the South African bush, with only two guests but the Safari lodge, Tanda Tula, where the couple stayed made it feel as if they were among family! 

The relaxed vibe definitely. Martyn and I woke up on the morning of our wedding day at 5am and went for game drive, came back, had some lunch, had a nap and then got dressed together before the ceremony! My Mum and Auntie would constantly laugh saying we were the most relaxed bride and groom they’d ever seen. Then obviously the fact that we got married actually on safari and the sun set in the African Bush!

Jess & Martyn

The main thing we wanted from the day was for it to be relaxed. The idea of a very regimented day was very anxiety-inducing for us, which was the main reason why we decided to elope and get married in South Africa with only two witnesses! I always liked a sort of ‘boho’ type style, and could ever see myself getting married indoors. My mum mentioned safari since Martyn and I both adore animals and the outdoors - so the South African Bush it was! Then everything else was aimed with the heat and outdoors in mind.

Jess & Martyn

The safari guide didn't fail and he found the couple's favourite animal of all time whilst making their way to the ceremony. A tower of giraffes actually walked in front of the jeep at this safari wedding, making for the most magical moment!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Imogen Read

Written by Imogen Read

Venue: Tanda Tula | Bride Dress: Rue De Seine | Grooms Suit: Paul Smith 

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