Hands up who's fallen for this delightful at home wedding? Insert multiple 'raising one hand' emoji's here. From the homemade copper frame seating chart to the blush blooms and beyond, our pinning fingers and hearts are going ten to the dozen. We're also more than a little smitten with Bride Elizabeth's Noble and Wight bridal separates too. Not to mention her flower crown and bouquet including David Austin Roses and Dahlias, which if you'll pardon the pun is the crowning glory to her unique bridal look.

Bridal Separates


"I really struggled to choose a wedding dress I liked as the ones I loved were either in France or Spain (which is a long way to go just for a dress)! I stupidly rushed into buying a dress in a sample sale at a wedding boutique in London. I was with a friend and panicked bought it, and then realised it actually wasn’t that flattering on me and covered in marks which I didn’t see when I tried it on. I was so upset but I learnt my lesson and managed to sell it on eBay (for a lot less than I bought it for sadly!).

In the end, we went to a shop in Leicester which specialised in more tailored dresses. I had never considered a two-piece style wedding dress but having tried it on in the shop, we realised it suited me much more than all the other dresses I tried on (and my Mum cried which said a lot!). I decided on a satin top and a flowing crepe skirt with a tulle overlay and also to have embroidered leaves sown onto the bottom of the skirt and on the sleeves of my top to add more detail. I don’t think Ed expected me to wear a 2 piece so I think he was quite surprised when I walked down the aisle." - Elizabeth & Edward

Elizabeth & Edward

Seating Chart

We love seeing our brides and groom's DIY projects. They've often inspired our own DIY Tutorials. Couples often choose to take on a project or two to save a few pennies or add their own personal touch to the day. Not only did Elizabeth and Ed make their immense copper frame seating chart a few days before the wedding! They also made all the concrete candle holders for the tables, and hand wrote all the table names and escort cards. Working extremely hard in the run-up to the wedding to get everything done in time! If you're planning on embarking on your own DIY project, you should definitely give our DIY Wedding Details Podcast a listen first.

Wedding Venue & Flowers

We were torn between getting married in East London (where we live) or back home where I am from in Leicestershire but after much consideration, we decided to have a marquee in a family friend’s garden as it meant more to us. We also felt there were a lot of restrictions with venues (timings/décor/noise etc) so this meant we had a blank canvas and could really make it personal to us. It was a beautiful location with lakes, swans, and meadows. The planning was stressful and challenging at times and but we wouldn’t have done it any other way and it all came together in the end. The ladies from Mon Amie are so talented. I gave them a brief and description of what we would like and on the day and I was blown away at how beautiful the flowers were! They dressed the marquee the day before the wedding and it looked incredible. We had café au lait dahlias, David Austin Juliette roses, as well as foliage: eucalyptus, fern and soft ruscus. I wanted my bouquet to be loose and natural with a cotton ribbon trailing

Elizabeth & Edward
As wedding photographers themselves, Bride and Groom, Elizabeth and Edward know the importance of capturing a wedding day. They love Sam Docker's photography style (who doesn't *swoon), and are so glad they found funds in their budget to book Dan Dolan Films. If you need some advice about how to allocate your wedding budget you should definitely take a moment to read our article.
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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Wedding Dress: Noble and Wright | Bridal Shoes: Whistles | Venue: Grange Barn | Florist: Monamie Living | Caterer: Coco Labelle | Cake: Bakes From Hackney Kitchen | Groomsman: Beggars Run | Entertainment: Easy Life | DJ: The Mixnots | Videography: Dan Dolan Films
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