It's not often we see an incredibly beautiful and sentimental Seychelles elopement. So when we do, we savour every single second - and show you, of course! Carla & Tiago eloped at Raffles on Praslin Island. After Carla lost her Dad, they couldn't picture a full wedding day without him, so decided to do something different, and have their big day in a gorgeous location, with just the two of them plus witnesses. A gorgeous elopement deserves gorgeous photos. Luckily, Recommended supplier Emma-Jane Photography did the job incredibly. Quick question - how weird would it be to have one of these photos framed in my flat? 

Escapism at its finest - incredible Seychelles elopement 

The surroundings and calmness made the day so special. The connection we shared on that day, the fact that was just the two of us like we wanted, made all the difference. Our photographer, Emma, also made us feel like we were the most important people. We felt at ease from the first moment, like we could just be ourselves.

Carla & Tiago

Seychelles Elopement

Carla and Tiago's big day in Seychelles was as stunning as it was sentimental. Carla sadly lost her dad, and the couple decided that without him, they didn't want to do a huge, big wedding. Doing an elopement, they also wanted to ensure that they had little nods for Carla's dad. This included using her father's pen when signing the paperwork. But it wasn't just the sentimentalism that made this day so special. The vows, the photos in the ocean, and the champagne pops made it all the more amazing, too. 

Planning the elopement 

Carla & Tiago had an idea of what they wanted for their Seychelles elopement but had a lot of help from social media and Pinterest. The two wanted to keep it simple considering it was an elopement rather than a wedding. It was therefore a matter of finding the things that would make their day sparkle, like accessories, and the perfect outfits. The wedding package provided by Raffles included the flowers, decor, cake, bridal hair and makeup, making the remaining decisions that little bit easier. 

Styling and fashion

For the outfits, Carla and Tiago had an initial idea of what they wanted. Tiago wore light-coloured chinos and a crisp white shirt paired with white trainers. Carla wore an off-the-shoulder sweetheart neckline wedding dress with lace embroidered florals on the bodice. The outfits complimented each other perfectly, fitting in ideally with the incredible backdrop of their Seychelles elopement. When Carla's bridal outfit was complete and she saw it for the first time, she burst into tears! She knew it was the one - making the day, and her outfit, even more special. 

We've never wanted to be a part of a Seychelles elopement more than we do right now...

Try to keep it simple, and think about what YOU want. Don't think about what other people might think or want, stay true to yourself. At the end of the day, it's YOUR day, and you must be happy and enjoy it.

Carla & Tiago

BRB, just hopping on a plane to have our very own Seychelles Elopement. I mean, can you blame us? These photos are simply to die for. This is already one of our top weddings of 2023, and it's only February... If you want to see our top 15 real weddings of 2022 to tide you over for the next ten months, you know where to go. Carla & Tiago were beyond happy with their venue, which is of the utmost importance when planning your big day. If you need help in that department, our article on how to choose your wedding venue is a great place to start. 

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

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