The short wedding dress long veil combo perfectly encapsulates the originality of a Moonchild Bride. And this gorgeous LGBTQI couple Esme and Rebecca, who selected their own outfits for this sassy but fun inspiration shoot around Manchester. They also wear satin slips, tulle high low skirts and carry vibrant red bouquets. Basically, they look fierce! Capturing all the love and fashion was, Recommended photographer, Gail Secker Photography. Now if only we could incorporate veils into our everyday outfits... We also spy leopard print lined envelopes, platform shoes and a matching cake. Vegan too, I'll have you know -  perfect for everyone.

LGBTQI wedding inspiration with two brides in a short wedding dress long veil and tulle dress with red wedding bouquets

Modern bohemian LGBTQI friendly city shoot, with gorgeous new dresses by Manchester-based Moonchild Bridal. Bold, individual and authentic.


The chic and edgy streets in Manchester's Northern Quarter provide a perfect backdrop for me as a photographer. The vibrancy and texture of the architecture; the street culture and character; the spontaneity and unpredictability; the grit and glamour.. all combine to create a truly unique location in which to capture the most exuberant couples.

Short Wedding Dress Long Veil

As Jean Jackson Couture likes to say, the beret is like a modern twist on the veil. Short veils can be playful and fun, but a short wedding dress long veil combo can look really edgy too. Missing traditional and super modern elements. The longer dress was by LAUDAE which is also stocked by JJC. The makeup was strong and chic. A bold red lip on Esme and an almost Parisien style eyeliner flick for some extra sass.


The look was 'bold, vibrant and cosmopolitan'. Even though it was a styled shoot it was important that Rebecca and Esme felt good in what they were wearing and chose their outfits themselves. This meant there was a strong sense of authenticity with a particularly personal aesthetic throughout which was achieved through close consultation between all the suppliers.

This shoot embraced the LBGTQI friendliness of Manchester and the newfound love between Esme and Rebecca.

Mama Incs suite was something else. Playful, yet chic; showcasing new modern shaped cards and beautiful gold foil for that luxe feel. Let's not forget the finer details such as the red silk tassel, leopard print envelope liner and vintage stamps. Tied in perfectly to compliment the flowers.

Feeling inspired by the short wedding dress long veil trend? If it's good enough for Kourtney K, it's good enough for us, right?! We have lots more short wedding dress inspiration, and a wedding veils guide to help you nail your look.

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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Photographer: Gailer Secker Photography | Bridal Boutique : Jean Jackson Couture | Florist: Emma Cox | Wedding Dress Designer: Moonchild Bridal | Stationery: Mama Inc. Studio | Hair: Halo Rooms | Makeup: Louise Freelance MUA | Cake: The Palms Bakery | Models: Esme & Rebecca

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