Bridal braids, purple anthuriums and a mini wedding dress - what's not to love at this feminine inspiration? The mix of delicate details and purple florals in the industrial venue is out of this world. As are the bride's individual outfits, all working harmoniously to bring you this romantic inspiration. Hello, ruffle skirt and bridal cape!

Same-sex wedding inspiration with jumpsuit, mini wedding dress and purple decor.

An old textile factory, two brides, a real couple, two personalities, two elements (fashion and motor), one colour: purple. Why? Purple is a variant of Violet, which overcomes mixing a cold colour with a warm one. Cold and warm, the perfection of the opposite. A colour, full of emotion and inspiration, as this awesome couple: Irene & Marta

Anna Valldaura


We created an industrial-style wedding breaking stereotypes with love, romanticism and passion. The aim was to turn masculine things into feminine style. We believe that in front of a true love everything and every style can become romantic. A wedding must show the couple's identity.


Both of the brides individualities shine through at this feminine editorial. Just like purple, they are a perfect blend of red and blue joining together in harmony. With one bride wearing a mini wedding dress with a fishtail braid and the other trouser separates and sleek hair.

Hosting a small wedding doesn't mean you have to compromise on style. From flowers to fashion - add your personality at every turn.

Feminine is about yourself. She is strong, brave, powerful and passionate. Loves motoring around the world. Is delicate, elegant, and subtle. And cries easily with films. She also loves fashion and design.

Anna Valldaura

It's so important to be you on your wedding day. If wearing a mini wedding dress or a bridal jumpsuit makes you feel like the best version of yourself - go for it! And, for those of you that aren't sure where to start, that's ok too. We have a Buying Your Wedding Dress Podcast and a helpful wedding dress guide to point you in the right direction.

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Planner & Stylist: Somnis fets a ma | Venue: Colonia Rusinol | Photographer: Andrea Ferrara | Florist: Flowercap | Videographer: urko Photo&Films | Stationery: Paper Moments | Hire: Linesha Events | Drone: Air Masdeu Drones | Cakes: La Cakery Vic | Wedding Dress: Laura Riera | Jewellery: Clara Niubò | Silk Ribbon: Pomegranate Colours | Details: Momento280 | Hair & Makeup: La Mona | Couple: Irene Sanchezg, Marta Jiménez

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