Spring has most definitely sprung everyone and with it comes blue skies, outdoor soirees and an abundance of florals in beautiful hues. Today we show you how to incorporate all the delicious Spring wedding colours into your 2019 big day with the help of our fabulous The List wedding suppliers. The only hard part is deciding which combination to go for...

Spring Wedding Colours {Bold & Bright}

The first colour-way we're going to show you is bold and bright as it's a feast for the eyes. Think fuschia pinks, sunshine yellow, and lush greenery. In fact, the more colourful the better, we say. And, of course, if you're having a late Spring wedding, it would be a travesty not to include beautiful coral peonies in your floral arrangements. Just look how they pop in the gorgeous gallery of images at this outdoor wedding planned and style by recommended supplier Helaina Storey Wedding Design. And hands up who now wants a DIY flower crown bar? We do, we do!

Spring Wedding Colours {Soft & Muted}
Soft and muted shades for us are the new pastels and remind us of Easter and all the chocolate mini eggs! It's an incredibly wonderful time of the year, and the sight of cherry blossom on the trees makes our hearts swoon. We love how a few simple branches have been intertwined to make a dreamy floral hoop chandelier at the PapaKata spring open day. But be wary, as the annual cherry blossom season is quite short your timing has to be just right.
Spring Wedding Colours {Zingy}
Possibly one of the first signs of Spring are daffodils followed by tulips appearing in your borders, and what a lovely sight they are too. The citrus yellow shade instantly makes you happy and is a beautiful addition to a fresh white and green colour palette. We absolutely adore the miniature potted plant wedding favour, too, it is both sweet and practical and the perfect choice for eco-conscious couples.
Spring Wedding Colours {Pure & Simple}

White and green will forever be a classic colour choice, they complement one another beautifully, don't they? But it most definitely doesn't mean it's boring. You can add so much depth to your flowers with foliage. I love the addition of moss to the elegant wedding cake and depending on if you want to make a statement with an oversized bridal bouquet or keep it simple with a small posey for your flower girls, both results will be absolutely dazzling.

After what has felt like a long, blustery Winter, the arrival of Spring has most definitely lifted our spirits, bringing with it so many beautiful colours and blooms including some of our absolute favourites hyacinths, ranunculus, lily-of-the-valley, and freesias. If you need a little help deciding which flower stems you like or indeed how you can incorporate any of the styles above into your Spring wedding, our fabulous The List members are on hand with all the knowledge and talent to make your day flourish. And just in case you want to do a bit of homework before you chat to them, you can learn about some of the wonderful flowers we've mentioned in this helpful labelled Spring bouquet feature.

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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