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Stay-In-All-Day Beachy Boho Waves.

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Wearing your barnet in some sexy waves is nothing new, I mean – who doesn’t want to look like one of those bohemian surfer chicks who seemingly dry their hair naturally in the sun only to emerge all golden skinned and perfectly coiffed after a day spent on the beach?

Personally I find my waves don’t often last – and if I get them to the point where they do I find I’ve used so much salt spray that my hair is kind of….crunchy.

So the question is lovelies, how do you achieve that soft yet glamorous tousled look that is perfection for a relaxed W-day…a version that is not going to turn into a limp straggly mess by the first dance?

Well you’re in for a treat you gorgeous lot you, Love Lust List member Jodie Hazlewood is going to show you how to become a sunshine goddess and includes all of her favourite products to enable you to achieve full-on boho beauty in just a few easy steps.


Jodie Hazelwood: Firstly Prep the hair with something that will protect it from the heat and give it a little bit of shape and body. I spritzed Bumble & Bumble Prep through Lolly’s hair.

Section the hair from behind the ears straight across and fastion with a sectioning clip.

Boho Waves

On Lolly’s hair I used the Babyliss Waving Wand. This is by far my favourite. EVER heated tool in my kit. It creates a whole range of modern type waves and is so so easy to use.

Starting nearest your face take 1.5 inch sections and wind the hair around the wand pointing it vertically to the floor leaving the ends free.


Hold for 15-20 secs and release. Repeat around the head alternating the direction you wind each section so it’s not too uniform.

Spritz with hairpspray- I’m loving James Brown’s Effortless Hold at the moment.


Release the top section and repeat. I always try and make sure the two front sections are curling away from the face as I think it’s more flattering.


Using your fingers as a wide toothed comb drag through the curls to completely soften and dishevel them.


Spray VO5 Give me texture spray (this is a genius product – a cross between a salt spray and dry shampoo) through the lengths to give your hair shape and texture.


If you fancy a slightly more “done” look you can pull a little section away from your face and pin with kirby grips as I did with Lolly.


We would very much like it if you WOULD try this at home.

Is it a look you wear often? Are you considering a more casual hair do for your wedding? Do you have any “must have” tips/products you can recommend?

Please leave your feedback in the comments section below you wavy haired beauties.

Big Boho Love

Charlotte xxx


Photography by WE ARE // THE CLARKES
Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.