Whether you've got a cropped pixie cut or a bob there are a plethora of wedding hair accessories for short hair. Our brides have kept it simple with a single flower stem and have also gone all out by adorning their locks with dazzling hair vines, clips and crowns. What will you choose? Allow us to inspire you.

Wedding Hair Accessories For Short Hair {Clips & Slides}

Adding an embellished hair clip or slide to your short hairstyle will instantly finish your bridal look. Depending on the length of your short hairstyle and how much hair you have to play with you can opt for a small or larger accessory. Or even multiple clips like the image below from our Spring wedding flowers article.

Wedding Hair Accessories For Short Hair {Crowns & Headbands}

As we said in our bridal crowns article every bride deserves to be a queen on her wedding day. And there is nothing more regal than a crown to help you stand tall and be proud. It works well with short-cropped hair right through to shoulder-length hair. But if you want something a bit more delicate you could always choose a headband. Equally as effective and striking and coming in so many designs and finishes.

Wedding Hair Accessories For Short Hair {Flowers}
These beautiful brides have perfectly entwined flowers into their short hairstyles. Opting for delicate single stems right through to full flower crowns. Plus, they perfectly complemet their bridal bouquets and wedding flowers. Sexy Senorita's here we come!
Wedding Hair Accessories For Short Hair {Hair Vines & Chains}
The beauty of wearing a hair vine or chain is they can be perfectly positioned onto your already gorgeous locks. Be that on your crown or resting on your forehead. We love all the different accessories our brides have worn with their short hairstyles.
Wedding Hair Accessories For Short Hair {Veils}

If you're looking to add length to your short hair style a cathedral length veil is the ideal choice. We love Shakira's Juliet cap veil and Rose's polka dot number on their cropped locks. But if you want to keep things short and sweet, like your hair, a bird cage veil or bandeau style might be be more your taste.

Other Helpful Links

Your wedding day beauty plans don't just stop at your hair though, so here are some helpful links for all things bridal for the big day. Also don't forget to have a look at our recommended suppliers on, The List, to see bridal hair and beauty suppliers in your area and accessory stockists, like the wonderful Hermione Harbutt whose new 2020 collection features in our header image.


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Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Hair Accessories: Hermione Harbutt

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