The One by Author Unknown is a wedding poem that is all about how you know when you’ve found ‘The One’. Everyone always talks about meeting the one and how there’s no other feeling like it. If you believe that there is only one person destined for you in this lifetime, this could be the wedding reading for you. This short and sweet romantic wedding poem talks about all the ways you know you have found the one. If you’d like this read out at your wedding ceremony, you can download a free PDF version of the poem below. 

The One

by Author Unknown

When the one whose hand you’re holding
Is the one who holds your heart
When the one whose eyes you gaze into
Gives your hopes and dreams their start,
When the one you think of first and last
Is the one who holds you tight,
And the things you plan together
Make the whole world seem just right,
When the one whom you believe in
puts their faith and trust in you,
You’ve found the one and only love
You’ll share your whole life through.

You've found the one!

Yay! You've found the perfect wedding reading for your ceremony! Download our free PDF version below to take straight to the wedding.

Download PDF

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Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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