We're using the word 'trend' loosely here, as we always encourage choosing things you love, rather than things that are 'in' at any given moment when it comes to your wedding day. But having said that, these are three Bridesmaids looks that are just everywhere right now! And given that they look beautiful, elegant and stylish, but are still versatile and adaptable to your wedding style, we think they make great options for your best girls. They are also trends that are easy to accessorise, so the options for enhancing the look with pretty necklaces, rings and earrings are endless! As well as the gorgeous Bridesmaids images, we've included some gorgeous options from PANDORA to help inspire you. We think you'll definitely find something from PANDORA to suit all of your Bridesmaids tastes. As well as complementing your dresses. So here are the three trends we're loving right now...


We know, we know - peach was once the stuff of Bridesmaids nightmares. Well worry no more, as peach has been softened. Those luminous, lurid coral tones have been replaced with more dusky shades. Most peach dresses you now find on the high street come in varying shades of blush pink, which is a universally flattering tone. We also love the idea of pairing a peach skirt with a cream top. It's very feminine, a little bit 60s and a lot gorgeous. Given the popularity of roses and peonies as wedding flowers, this colour is ideal as it looks stunning with pastel coloured blooms. Jewellery wise, we'd suggest choosing something from the PANDORA Rose Collection, as the pinky metallic shades reflect the peach tones perfectly.


Floral prints are always in fashion, but currently it's all about the painted floral look. If you're going down this route, there are lots of options - do you go ditzy, oversized, subtle, bold, all over pattern or screen print style?? If you find one you love, it can be the starting point for the rest of your wedding decor. And I for one think floral prints are just so pretty. PANDORA have a gorgeous collection of floral inspired jewellery, which compliments this look perfectly. The Dazzling Daisy Collection is very dainty but can also be stacked with other rings, meaning that your girls can add to their collection in the future.


Lace and weddings go hand in hand and if you're wearing lace, putting your Bridesmaids in lace creates a uniform look for the wedding party. Lace can be elegant or boho, and the best thing is that there are always lace dresses on the high street, so you're bound to find something you love. Simple jewellery such as the Lace Botanique Pendant, the Luminous Leaves earrings or the stunning Petals of Love earrings or necklace are perfect as they all have shapes that reflect the doily-style design of lace.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Jewellery: PANDORA | Make Up: Sarah Hunston
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