It wasn't just the wind tunnel at Cherise & Matthew's phenomenal Tunnels Beaches wedding that blew us away. Not even close. Originally wanting to celebrate in Santorini but having to re-arrange in 2020, the couple desired a destination feel to their big day. And boy oh boy, did they pull it off. The stunning, colourful African flower arrangements mixed with crashing waves upon the atmospheric Devonshire shore, a symphony of nature's power and grace, is a spectacular sight. There were so many other fantastic moments on the couple's big day, it's hard to get it all down on (electronic) paper. But to name a few... That brilliant live steel band, Cherise's stunning bridal outfit, a private beach for some remarkable couple's photos... Honestly - the list goes on. But why take our word for it, when you can see for yourselves?

Incredible Tunnels Beaches coastal wedding with African flower arrangements and a destination theme

The thing that made our day truly unique was the energy. You really had to be there to feel that! We had beautiful African flower displays, a steel band playing for the ceremony, coupled with rum punch, and Pimms in the sunshine. The couple's shoot was magical. The wind gently took my 12ft veil up the beautiful rock face, creating the most beautiful pictures. Speeches were closed by the bride's Dad, calling upon all of our guests to bless our marriage. His prayer was so powerful and uniting. 

Cherise & Matthew

Tunnels Beaches wedding 

Tunnels Beaches is truly a hidden gem nestled along the rugged coastline. This venue enchants visitors with its awe-inspiring beauty like no tomorrow. As the name suggests, a network of hand-carved tunnels leads to a coastal paradise, revealing breathtaking coves, perfect for wedding photos. Cherise & Matthew took advantage of said coves, which resulted in some of the most beautiful couples portraits known to man. The rhythmic lullaby of waves crashing against the cliffs creates a soothing yet powerful backdrop, and their poetic love serves as a perfect forefront. Cherise's luxurious, light and delicate bridal outfit juxtaposes with the darker backdrop of the coves. Now, if you'll all allow me to bring out my poetic side for a second... This incredible spot is a sanctuary where time slows down, and the natural wonders unfold. Looking at Cherise & Matthew's big day, the contrast of monochrome with their colourful flower arrangements and golden mismatched bridesmaid dresses, sets our souls alight. Ok - that's enough poetry for today. 

The heartfelt wedding speeches made this Tropical Luxe wedding in Devon so incredibly special 

Remember to have fun. If anything is forgotten on the day, the likelihood is that not a soul will notice. Enjoy every moment. Take some time away from everyone to enjoy each other. Bask in the day you are having. It flies by! 

Cherise & Matthew

I mean... Wow. Is there anything else we can say, other than wow? Maybe 'good grief, this wedding makes me feel happier than photos of beavers holding hands'? What can we say. We at Rock My Wedding love a love-filled beach wedding. Sue us! Those mismatched golden bridesmaid dresses are a sight for sore eyes. If you're looking for some bride-spiration, then you'll love our article on bridesmaid dress colourways inspiration. Cherise & Matthew's first dance photos are gorgeous. If you've been thinking about your first dance, but not sure what tune to pop on in the background, our article on first dance wedding songs will certainly come in handy.

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

Photography: Becky Tranter Photography | Venue: Tunnels Beaches | Videography: Lightyear Weddings | Entertainment: Sunny Jutley | Florist: From The Wild | Cake Maker: Angel Of Cakes | Hair Stylist: Kay Braids | Makeup Artist : Sophie White | Bridal Boutique : Silk Brides Lichfield | Bridal Outfit: Pronovias | Fashion Accessories: Zara , Etsy, Rolex, Dune, Mont Blanc | Grooms & Groomsmen Outfits: Peter Posh

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