When you take that first step down the aisle, all eyes are going to be on you. But it helps if your wedding aisle is also decorated to look pretty, too! Go full glam with a red carpet or keep it more simple with some warm and cosy candlelight. However you’re thinking of decorating your wedding aisle, here are some wedding aisle decor ideas and inspiration from our real weddings to help you decide!

32 inspiring aisle decor ideas for your wedding!

1. Outdoor Wedding Aisle Decor

We've found that with outdoor wedding ceremonies, the aisle is usually decorated to reflect the setting. That means flowers galore! Most couples choose to embrace nature and opt for more botanical styling, especially if they're getting married in woodland or on a lawn. As most outdoor weddings occur during the summer season (for the good weather, of course), you can go for almost any colour palette and it will look amazing! Bright and vibrant florals, an all-white traditional moment or adding a boho touch with pampas grass, it all looks incredible!

2. Pampas Grass Wedding Aisle Decor

Speaking of pampas grass...whether you're indoors or outdoors, in a church, country house or out in Italy, pampas grass is a versatile and popular aisle decor choice. You could have it shine on its own or pair it with some greenery and flowers. In fact, pampas grass is so popular that we dedicated a whole article about how you can use pampas grass within your wedding!

3. Weding Aisle Flowers

It's fair to say that florals are the traditional way to go for your aisle decor. But there's still so much choice! Simple or extravagant? Pastels or bright colours? In vases or in an arrangement? How could you possibly pick? Fear not. Hopefully, some of the inspiration below will help you narrow down what you like and what flower arrangements look best with your overall wedding style.

4. Indoor Wedding Aisle Decor

Saying your 'I Do's' indoors? Then you'll want to see this. With an outdoor ceremony, you can let a lot of the setting do the talking for you. And whilst that is also still the case for indoor ceremonies, you do lose some of that magical and whimsical vibe that flowers and greenery bring. So go all out with the flowers. Or if you'd like to bring that magical feeling in a different way, work with the lighting. Bring in some cosy candles to make your wedding venue feel cosy and enchanting.

Lanterns, candles, and flowers are the most popular ways to decorate the aisle

Flower Power

Going to choose some flowers for your wedding aisle decor? Then take a look at our Recommended florists!

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Wedding aisle decor is one thing, but there's also your altar space to consider. One of our favourite ways couples decorate their altar is with flower column arrangements. For even more inspiration, you can go to our wedding aisle and altar decor Pinterest board!

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