When Pantone released their Colour of the Year for 2017, the whole team had a little chuckle as my detest for the colour green is well known. I just don't really enjoy it when used in interiors or clothes...I can handle a green parka or a pair of wellies, but that's about it. And it would seem that you lovely lot don't seem to pick zingy greens for your Bridesmaids very often either - mint, sage, emerald, forest green hell yes, but greenery? No. Too zesty. Too lime. *Shudders*. Then I read a little more about why they had chosen Greenery as the Colour of The Year and it all made sense. New beginnings, the chance to breathe deep, oxygenate and reinvigorate. The essence of vitality. It all sounds very inviting, especially after the crazy year that has been 2016. And I'm a big fan of using natural elements to bring prettiness to your wedding day. So today we're embracing greenery, not in the outfits (don't worry) but in the decor and details for your big day.


Adding Greenery To Your Tables

Greenery Wedding Decor Inspiration


Wearing Greenery

Greenery Wedding Decor Inspiration Viewing the moodboards like this has made me appreciate green in a whole new light. It's just so refreshing and bright, is a great way of making the outdoors and indoors more cohesive AND it lends itself perfectly to Summer or Winter weddings. In the Summer you can embrace the gardens in full bloom and in the Winter foraged foliage and berries are your friends. I absolutely love the idea of wearing greenery in your hair and channeling a woodland fairy vibe. As you can see below greenery also works beautifully with any style of wedding day - elegant or rustic. Because it's a natural material, it immediately looks like it was meant to be where ever it is placed. And that's the secret to creating a look that's not over-styled.


Greenery With Sophistication

Greenery Wedding Decor Inspiration


Adding Industrial/Barn Vibes

Greenery Wedding Decor Inspiration If you're looking for more greenery and foliage inspiration head to our Pinterest board or search our Real Wedding Archives using 'Green' or 'Outdoors.'

Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

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