For this Cottagecore wedding, Sophie wore a recycled vintage dress and Benja wore a stylish Vivienne Westwood tartan suit. This couple brought their sustainable ethos and care for others into every part of their wedding day from requesting charity donations instead of wedding gifts, to using sustainable wedding suppliers. We were so lucky that it was able to go ahead as planned. Sophie & Benja's wedding was one of the first events the guests got to attend after over a year of Covid lockdowns, so everyone was happy to see each other and celebrate. Captured by Recommended photographer, Katherine and her Camera, this day is sure to put a smile on your face.

Colourful Vivienne Westwood tartan suit

It was really important for us to shape our day as much as possible, but don't overestimate how much you can do yourselves. For us, the help of staff at Pendle Heritage Centre was invaluable. They provided catering, a staffed bar and changed the rooms over for our ceilidh and disco, which allowed us to spend more time enjoying the day itself. We had lots of DIY elements: the disco playlist, seating plans, chair covers, table runners and place names, which can add up so make sure you don't leave them to the week before!

Sophie & Benja

Vivienne Westwood Tartan Suit

Sophie & Benja wanted to use independent, charitable and sustainable suppliers where possible. The couple focused on heritage venues and Pendle Heritage Centre ticked all their boxes. Sophie found the perfect vintage floral embroidered dress in a secondhand shop. The former owner had requested the dress to only be given away to someone who couldn't afford one, but since no one had shown interest in two years, Sophie took the dress and paid it forward. Benja got the rest of the budget for his Vivienne Westwood tartan suit. We're so happy the couple splurged on this because it is showstopping! We're obsessed! 

English Country Garden Wedding

The vibe Sophie & Benja went for is an English country garden. The venue had a beautiful walled garden and a woodland walk up to the barn where they had the ceremony. They wanted to celebrate the location's natural beauty, which they did by having an abundance of florals. Their flower supplier, Clem's Garden, is a volunteer-run social enterprise with environmentally sustainable cut flowers. The stunning flowers persuaded the couple to not need any other decor than to provide a backdrop to their flowers. The result is so picturesque. Sophie & Benja's wedding favours were from Mind and they asked for charitable donations instead of wedding gifts.

It's easier than you think to have a sustainable wedding! A recycled dress, local suppliers, the list is endless...

On the day before our wedding, we had lined up lots of family and friends to help with the set-up, to the point that we were beginning to turn offers of help down. When the day arrived, our helpers experienced delays or had to pull out, and we were left on our own. In the afternoon, Margaret, one of the volunteers from Clem's Garden arrived with the flowers to find me and Benja at the end of our tether. Without being asked, Margaret set about dressing the rooms and steaming our chair covers. She saved the day!

Sophie & Benja

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Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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Venue: Pendle Heritage Centre | Photographer: Katherine and her Camera | Absolut Ceilidh: Richard Moss, Becky Taylor | Florist: Clem's Garden | Bridal Boutique: Oxfam Bridal Southampton | Groom's Suit: Vivienne Westwood | Wedding Favours: Mind | Confetti: Flower Pod

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