One of the many reasons I picked The List members Iscoyd Park as our wedding venue back for our October wedding was the amazing space they called their ceremony room. With floor to ceiling windows and swooping arches and glistening chandeliers, I knew that very little was needed to make this space truly sensational on my wedding day.  That said, it hasn't stopped me from creating my own Pinterest collection devoted to lots of wedding aisle decor inspiration nor drooling over all the gorgeous images on the Rock My Wedding boards either. I also know that had I married somewhere else with a ceremony room that had less impact then I would have gone all out on the wedding aisle style side of things. So today's post is dedicated to exactly that... How to make your wedding aisle the perfect backdrop against which to say your big day vows. Let's get started!

Beautiful and unique inspiration on how to decorate your wedding aisle for your big day using floral arches, vintage doors and romantic candles

One of the most popular forms of wedding aisle decoration has got to be the floral arch and it's easy to see why. This type of design adds drama and instant impact to your ceremony setting whilst providing a very beautiful backdrop against which to pose for some of your most important wedding photos. I love the flexibility that this type of floral garnish possesses too. Getting married outside a church? Why not bedeck the main entrance. Perhaps you're marrying inside a stately home... Ask your florist to decorate a freestanding arch at the position where you'll be saying your vows. And it doesn't matter what time of year you're marrying either. You can opt for lush green foliage and Spring blooms if you're saying 'I Do' at the beginning of the year or take inspiration from falling leaves and the rich red and orange hues if you're tying the knot in Autumn. I particularly love the strewn leaves in place of petals in the moodboard below here. Which brings me onto your actual wedding aisle itself. We've seen so many couples apply wonderfully creative flourishes to their processional and recessional walk. From beautiful galvanised buckets of blooms placed at intervals along the wedding aisle to full on meadows running the full length of the space. I love the ingenuity of beautiful and decadent hand-tied posies that can be removed from the ends of pews and re-used in the decor at the wedding reception too. Don't feel that you have to be restricted purely to using blooms however. We've seen plenty of weddings using ribbons looped over chairs and miniature signs instead of the traditional pew ends. Scrawl your favourite quotes and sayings or even share some of your shared memories onto miniature blackboards and pop them along the length of your wedding aisle for your guests to read as they sit down. Beautiful and unique inspiration on how to decorate your wedding aisle for your big day using floral arches, vintage doors and romantic candles

If florals aren't really your thing or you're after something a little bit different then it's worth taking inspiration from some of the mood boards here. I've long loved the idea of using large shutter doors which 'open' out onto the wedding about a grand reveal! Alternatively, you could set up a huge wooden backdrop with your calligraphed names and special phrase across it...perhaps even with your wedding date included. What a wonderful way to announce your brand new newlywed status! Old French shutters could do the job just as well and could be easily moved later on to provide an amazing setting for your Photo Booth area with your guests. If this still doesn't press your buttons then how about going for a more delicate look either by hanging lots and lots of beautiful ribbons from a freestanding frame or even from the branches of trees in the vicinity of where you're getting married if you're saying 'I Do' outside. This is such a simple way of bringing colour into your nuptials and reflecting the hues in your wedding palette. Hand folded cranes is a perennial favourite too.

Beautiful and unique inspiration on how to decorate your wedding aisle for your big day using floral arches, vintage doors and romantic candles

It's worth noting a few top tips when it comes to designing your ceremony space. If you're not sure exactly what 'look' to go for then I'd recommend either creating a Pinterest board and pinning your very favourite images to the board to see if there is a common thread that appears between the photos or alternatively collect inspiration from magazines and glue it in a notebook for future reference. You might find you change your mind as the overall design of your wedding progresses. Work with the natural style of your venue rather than against it too. For example, a super sleek contemporary wedding aisle backdrop is going to look out of place in a rustic barn. Take inspiration from the space around you and use it and any props in the vicinity to your advantage. If you're marrying outside is there a tree that will provide a focal point? If you're somewhere a little more homely, such as a farm, why not use milk churns and buckets filled with flowers dotted along your wedding aisle as a modern take on pew ends. If the lighting is poor, don't fret. Create a romantic atmosphere by using multiple candles in all different sizes instead; just make sure you have permission from your venue before doing so and it's worth mentioning this to your photographer so that they are prepared for the low light levels in advance.

Beautiful and unique inspiration on how to decorate your wedding aisle for your big day using floral arches, vintage doors and romantic candles Hopefully we've given you some food for thought on your wedding aisle decoration and inspired you along the way. Don't forget to check out our Pinterest boards for more inspiration on unique ways to decorate your wedding aisle. What look are you going for on your wedding day? Why not share your ideas in the comments box below...

Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw

Written by Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw

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