Today marks our 10 year wedding anniversary. An entire decade has passed since I walked up the aisle of Notley Abbey and said "I Do" to my now husband James. Our string quartet playing Damien Rice's "The Blower's Daughter" as my Dad accidentally trampled on my veil. True story. I have the photos to prove it. Even though our lives have evolved so much since then, it still seems slightly surreal. My sister Melissa's big day was a few weeks ago, the images within this feature were taken from her beautiful wedding. I was her Maid Of Honour, hence the sequins and the spangles. Just in case you thought I might wear a floor length Needle & Thread number on any given afternoon. The day brought back so many memories for me, the anticipation, the small details that make the event personal. The constant checking of the weather, the constant checking of the time! (She was ahem, only 20 minutes late for the ceremony). There were also many moments that I hadn't considered in years. Melissa's magnificent coral charm peony bouquets arriving - all of a sudden I remembered the delivery of my own blousy hydrangeas. All oversized and over the top. It was such a joyful aspect of the getting ready process. My bridesmaids were thrilled with their bright and colourful blooms. My own bouquet was so huge I did wonder if I would literally disappear behind it... Good job my beehive barnet was even bigger. Wedding Anniversary Milestones Gift Ideas

Ten Year Wedding Anniversary - What Would You Do Differently?

As I'm the founder of Rock My Wedding I get asked this question a lot. If you could have your wedding again, what would you do differently? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Because then it wouldn't have been my wedding day and we truly had the most wonderful day. Was everything perfect? Of course not. But I really didn't care. Trends come and go all the time, I should know - Rock My Wedding has influenced the popularity of many a colour scheme and DIY project, intentionally or otherwise. You just have to do what's right for you and your partner, the decor you love, the flowers that are your favourite. The food that you like to eat, the music that has some significance to you as a couple. To hell with what anyone else thinks. I wish I had had access to a directory of recommended suppliers from a resource I trust, hence one of the reasons I created Rock My Wedding in the first place. Our hand-picked directory The List is full of talent and creativity. Alas when I was planning my own event, there was no such thing. There wasn't even Pinterest. I know, imagine. Actually there is one thing I would do differently, and that's eat more cake in the run up. Last minute preparations and little time to consider taking a break for a kitkat, meant my dress didn't fit quite as well as it perhaps should have. Today on my 10th Wedding Anniversary? I will be eating ALL the Victoria sponge. Wedding Anniversary 10 year marriage

Ten Year Wedding Anniversary - How Do You Celebrate It?

According to tradition, our ten year wedding anniversary celebrations should include a gift of "aluminium". As it happens we are exchanging shiny metals, we're treating ourselves to new wedding rings. Our original choices were based on little time and minimal budget. Admittedly not the wisest decision considering the rings are what you wear forever. But I don't have any regrets. I'm going to make my original ring into a necklace and the new band works so much better with my engagement ring design. Win win. We are actually going away for a few days to properly celebrate the big ten. As you read this I will be in Devon, possible on the beach. What better place to reminisce about the beginning of this crazy adventure than by the sea, surrounded by my favourite people.

Ten Year Wedding Anniversary - Here's To 10 More!

If you are reading this and you are getting married soon then I wish you well! Stay true to yourself and you are guaranteed to create ever lasting memories. And if you are already married and your wedding anniversary is just around the corner, here's to many more years of love, laughter and growing old together. I've attached a list of milestones which may inspire some gift ideas for your wedding anniversary. You're welcome. And if you would like to hear more honest advice about your wedding day and beyond, please do have yourself a listen to the Rock My Wedding Podcast. Here's to the next 10 years! Wedding Anniversary milestones the first 10 years
Charlotte O'Shea

Written by Charlotte O'Shea

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