We were recently joined by florist Sarah Richardson, founder of Leafy Couture who demonstrated how to make beautiful wedding chair decorations using flowers and foliage. If you fancy a bash at some Do-It-Yourself then this is a relatively straight forward project to try. We recommend decorating you and your partner's chairs to make them stand out from guests - either for the ceremony or reception or of course both! We are very much behind reusing your wedding decor wherever you can, making your budget go further AND it's kinder to the environment. We used beautiful gold leaf ribbon by Lancaster and Cornish to add the perfect finish to our DIY Wedding Chair Back but you can, of course, use ribbons or fabrics that tie in with your colour scheme or theme.

What You Need To Make Wedding Chair Decorations

Flower Stems and Foliage for Wedding Chair Decoration


  • Secateurs or floristry scissors
  • Gauge silver wires in sizes 56 and 32 (available from craft shops, florists or garden centres)
  • String
  • Parvifolia eucalyptus
  • Olive foliage
  • Populus eucalyptus
  • Peach vuvuzela roses
  • Garden rose - asthly pink
  • Pink majolica spray rose


How to Make Wedding Chair Decorations

How To Make Wedding Chair Decorations
  • Cut the foliages into small pieces approximately 10cm in length.
  • Lay them out in front of you.
  • Take one of the 32 wires, chose 3 stems of foliage and bind them together at the stem.
  • Cut the excess stem from the bottom.
  • Choose more stems of foliage and do the same.
  • Bind these together - with one trio pointing out to the left and the other trio pointing out to the right.
  • Chose additional foliage - preferably the larger leafy bits and bind them over the top of the visible mechanics (ie the wired stems)


How to Make Wedding Chair Decorations

To Wire The Flowers:
  • Cut the stem of the rose, to approximately an inch in length below the head.
  • Insert a 56 gauge wire into the calex of the rose, so the rose is halfway through the wire.
  • Bend the wires down towards the stems and wind one wire around the stem of the flower (and round the other piece of the wire.)
  • Tie the foliage on to the chair in two places - this can be done with string or ribbon.
  • Add wired flowers to the foliage by tucking then into the foliage piece.
  • You can also add trailing ribbon for a more decorative touch.


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Charlotte O'Shea

Written by Charlotte O'Shea

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