Wedding confetti!!! There's a reason that every single confetti image we get is filled with giant smiles from the bride and groom. It's just SO fun!! Likewise, your friends and family also get heaps of delight out of throwing confetti into the air in celebration. Most venues now will require that you use biodegradable confetti (and rightly so), but even then some can be reluctant to allow confetti at all, so always make sure you check with your venue. But once the due diligence is done, it's down to the fun planning part. What to throw?! Well, we've got 12 alternative wedding confetti ideas for you below (as well as a heap of joyous inspiration images!). 


  1. Dried Lavender - A lovely way to add scent to your day.
  2. Leaves (eucalyptus, oak, hawthorn etc.) - Throwing small, uniform leaves looks beautiful in photos but could also be a nice way to add sentimentality by choosing a tree that's special to you. These could be arranged by your florist or foraged locally. 
  3. Rice - Contrary to a long-standing rumour, rice does not harm birds. It has however been reported to be sometimes painful having it thrown at you. It will also get into everything. But it is a lovely traditional option. 
  4. Pressed Flowers - Granted, this could take some work for you or your florist, but the results would be spellbinding. 
  5. Bubbles - Using bubbles as confetti during your exit is a gorgeous way to create a playful, wonder-filled photo. 
  6. Glitter - Glitter can look incredible in photos but you need a lot of it to capture it on camera. There are lots of biodegradable glitter brands around so be sure to use one of those. 
  7. Autumn Leaves - The perfect send off to an Autumn ceremony. 
  8. Bird Seed - If the impact on local wildlife is your main concern, consider having your confetti moment whilst also treating the birds to a feast on your big day. 
  9. Rosemary Leaves - When stripped from their sprigs, rosemary leaves are beautifully scented and dainty little confetti options.
  10. Shapes Punched Out of Leaves - If you'd like to use leaves with a bit more fun, buy a fun shaped hole punch from a craft store and get punching!
  11. Fresh Flower Petals - Baskets of fresh petals look so beautiful and tactile for guests to throw.
  12. Dried Flower Petals - Dried flower petals are the favourite for biodegradable confetti of the moment. Many florists offer this service as well as our fabulous list members Shropshire Petals.

There's More!

If that wasn't enough inspiration for you, be sure to read our sparkler exit and confetti cannon posts for more advice and stunning imagery to pin. And if you've now chosen your confetti but still need ideas for how to guide guests to use it, have a look at our DIY confetti cone station.    Finally, be sure to let your photographer know if you're having confetti. It takes a huge amount of skill to capture such a fleeting moment perfectly. Thankfully, our Recommended photographers are all pros at the confetti exit shot! 

Naomi Liddell

Written by Naomi Liddell

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